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5 Aerobic Exercises that your Swimming Regime Must Include

One of the keys to staying on top of your fitness routine is staying on top of changing your fitness routine. While there’s nothing wrong with consistently going on a morning run or enjoying Sunday yoga, shaking things up every now and then can be the best way to keep you motivated and push your body in a totally different way than it’s used to. And when the goal is a fresh new workout, what could be fresher than taking your fitness routine to the water? Hitting the pool for your next sweat session – wait, do you still sweat if you’re in a pool? – is a great way to get you out of an exercise rut and workout in a totally new way. Here’s what to try when you’re ready to dive in.

Also, just make sure to wear comfortable swimming goggles, cap and of course a well-fitted swimming costume. Uncomfortable gears can totally kill the experience.

High Knees

High knees on dry land are grueling enough, but when you try performing the exercise with your body submerged in water, things get a lot more exhausting. While underwater high knees aren’t going to be super fast-paced like their out-of-water equivalent, the resistance that you’ll feel from pushing through the water will make your muscles work overtime.

Cross Country Skiing

For this workout all you have to do is to move your alternate legs backward and forward against the resistance of the water, it’s an amazing way to work your muscles while upping up your heart rate.

Double Kicks

This particular exercise make use of bursts of energy, little by little with each jump, making it apt for getting the heart rate to soar high and simultaneously build endurance. It maintains your balance and is great to keep your lower body toned.


Frog Jumps

Just an “Up- down” motion, you might think? Frog jumps has a whole new meaning to it if done under water, sinking your legs deep in each time you land onto the ground and push it through the same pose to thrust yourself back up, you’re sure to feel the that burn in your quads and glutes.

PS: It’s an immensely great workout for your inner thighs.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks might not seem much more than a warm up for you but if you have your postures right it gives as amazing results as any other high-intensity workout. Even more so, if you take jumping jacks underwater because of the resistance of the push and pull movements in water seems to make it more difficult. Hence, it works as a good core, arm and leg work out all in one.


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