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5 Exercises You Can Do On A Treadmill Apart From Running

It must be a beeline for you to get onto the treadmill as soon as you cross the threshold of the gymnasium. To get a tremendous bout of cardio, your trainer must be pressurizing you for running on the treadmill. We would love to lend a hand and bring you out of a boring fitness groove;

You should definitely try these modified exercises to pep up your workout routine.

Walking Plank

You say, holding a plank is hard?

We say, why not take it one step further and do it on the treadmill?

Try the plank on the treadmill with half of your body on the treadmill and half outside it. To do a walking plank, set the speed to 1 mph and then get hooked on a plank position with your feet on the floor and your palms on belt and begin to walk them forward. It serves the purpose of a killer workout for your arms and shoulders.

Sideways Shuffle

 The simplest way to up your workout regime on a treadmill is to revolutionize it completely, change the direction of your movement. As a substitute for walking or running forward, try different sides.  Shuffle on the moving belt and there’ll be nothing conventional about your workout anymore.  Do it for about a minute on either side before alternating to the other. It serves as a gruelling workout for your calves and thighs.

Walking Lunges

Now you don’t need a huge space for doing the lunges, take advantage of the treadmill’s moving belt. Start off by setting the speed at 1 mph, bend your knee and maintain a 90-degree angle posture and alternate with both your legs one after the other

 High Knees

Challenge yourself with some arduous unconventional exercises on the treadmill. The next on the list is High Knee, which is anyway too difficult to perform on the floor and treadmill is going to make it worse but that’s the fun part.

Please take care of all the safety measures as you do the exercise, you don’t want to fall off while doing this, just saying.


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