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Essential Fitness Accessories for your Personal Fitness Training

As the winter approaches, skipping gym and curling up in blanket is quite common. Don’t suffer your fitness routine merely because of winters. You can instead make a mini gym at home without investing in those heavy top of the line gym equipment found at the gyms. We have mentioned few essential fitness accessories to make your workout worthy and effective.


Dumbbells are considered as the workhorses of the fitness world. 97% of personal training studios offer dumbbells as a fitness mainstay. If you don’t have a range of dumbbells then it’s the time to pick up a set. Compared with other pieces of equipment, dumbbells are fairly inexpensive. You can also track your progress, by comparing your starting dumbbell weight with their current weight.



If you are doing workout after a long time or doing it for the first time, treadmill is always a champion calorie burner and overall metabolic boost. Adding a treadmill to your home gym can grow your intensity as your fitness progresses. Using the various speeds, and inclines, available on treadmills help keep you engaged in your workouts and keep your body guessing. Moreover, the brands with modern cushioning, maximizes the benefits and minimizes the impact experienced from running and walking.


Cardio Equipment

Elliptical trainers, treadmills, stair climbers, upright and recumbent bikes are few cardio equipments on which the personal trainers may not work with clients one-on-one; however, they can be used for warm-ups and as a solo-workout option. Cardio equipment options might take a lot of place and are usually quite costly. These home models, commercial equipment tends to be sturdier and is designed to handle frequent use.


Jump Rope

For everyone who wants to do exercise, simple is the best.  Jump ropes demonstrate simplicity and effectiveness. It is a no-excuses tactic to improve solo physical activity and get an amazing workout in about 10 minutes. It develops hand-eye coordination, which also enhance your performance in other areas of your life.


Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bar is often considered as a tool to measure true fitness. It also takes up very little space, a boon for smaller fitness studios. Without the pull-up bar, you’re missing out on two of the most important patterns: rowing and pulling. They make a great anchor point for suspension systems or for bands.


There is still a lot to consider before deciding on the right machine for your unique goals and home gym. Consider experts before buying the type of equipment you need. Along with the fitness equipment, make sure you buy these fitness accessories before starting your workout.

In the end, No matter the equipments you use, the most important thing to remember is that they are all there to make workout more accessible to each individual practitioner. COSCO makes available to its customers a large variety of sporting goods, health & fitness equipment of international quality. Buy the best fitness equipments from Cosco for a better game. For more information visit website


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