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How To Choose Best Table Tennis Blade Part II

In Part – 1 (How To Choose The Best Table Tennis Racquet), we discussed about the different type of racquets available for us in the market. And if you have decided to go for the customized racquet, then you definitely have to know what are the varieties available in the market, So that you can save yourself from making an expensive mistake of buying some product.


Choice of the blade depends on two things:

1.    Head of the Table Tennis Blade -

The table tennis rules tell that 85% of the blade must be natural wood. The rest can be the combination of other material such as carbon fibre, glass fibre or compressed paper. The different combination of these material affects a lot to how your bat reacts.

  • So, if you have developed an all-around, counter-attacking style of play, then there are blades categorised as All-Round Blades. The outer ply is hard whereas the inner area is made up of softwood. This structure gives control over the blade.

  • If you have an attacking style of playing then choose Offensive Blades. The outer ply of these is made up of hardwood that makes it semi-rigid. It helps in generating more power in the shots.

  • The Defensive Blades are suitable for you if you have the defensive style of play. These blades have softwood ply that gives better control over the ball.

2.    Handle of the Tennis Table Blade

The handle provides the connection between your palm and your blade, so it is very important to select the handle which suits your grip the most. There are mainly four categories of the handle:

Penhold – As the name suggests, these blades have the grip just like a pen. You hold them in between your finger and the thumb. These handles are short and have a conical design. They are good for the attacking style of game.

Anatomical – These handles are longer in size and thus recommended for the players with large hands. They perfectly fit the palm and provide a firm grip.

Flared – The flared shape prevents the blade from slipping and thus gives a better grip. It is relatively longer than the penhold style and it remains firm in your hands.

Straight – These handles with no bumps and curves are suitable for backhand and defensive style of game as it allows the active use of wrists to flip the bat.


So, we have now figured out what blade is suitable for us. But still, we are not done with our shopping of perfect Table Tennis Racquet. The next thing which we have in the queue is TABLE TENNIS BLADE RUBBER.

Many people tend to think that only the right blade is required and any latest rubber would make them play great. But this is absolutely FALSE. There are so many types of rubbers that the companies offer. They all serve different purposes. And if you fail to choose the one which can serve your purpose then, it will definitely affect your performance negatively.

So, get ready for Part – 3 of this TABLE TENNIS SERIES, which will give the information you need for making the best choice. Because, you know,INFORMED DECISION ARE ALWAYS THE BEST DECISIONS.

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