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How much do you know about your Favorite Sport Badminton and its Equipment

As badminton is an international and Olympic sport, there are certain rules and equipment to be used while playing. There are specific rules and specifications in badminton like court dimensions, racket size, net height and shuttle construction that are to be strictly controlled. Are you aware of these equipment and their specifications? Go through the blog and see how much you know about your favorite sport!

Badminton RACKET

Badminton racket is made of interwoven synthetic string hitting surface attached to a thin shaft and a handle. The head of the racket cannot be bigger than 280mm in length and 220 mm in width.  The full weight of a strung racket frame must be between 80 and 100 g. earlier only wooden rackets were produced by the manufacturers but now, modern rackets are produced with frames made out of aluminum alloy, steel, titanium and composite materials.


Badminton SHUTTLE

The small object hit back and forth across the net is made up of natural or artificial material. Shuttle has a ball-shaped base made of rubber or cork covered with leather. The feathers of the shuttle must measure between 2 ½ and 2 2/3 inches. The shuttle should weigh about 0.16 to 0.19 oz. Players should test the shuttles for speed and flight before each match.


Badminton NET

Net has a very important role in badminton; it divides the two sides in the court. It can be natural or synthetic with fine netting line, dark and of even thickness with a mesh no larger than 20 mm. The badminton net must be of dimensions 2.5 feet tall and 20 feet wide. An official measurement of badminton net is 5 feet high in the center, and 5 feet, 1 inch at the sides. The net attaches to vertical posts on either side of the court. The net should have a white tape running along the top to make it visible for the player.



Badminton Posts

The vertical posts are to hold the net on either side of the court. It must be 5 feet tall and must stay upright stringing the net. The net must tie to the net posts so that no gap appears between the net and the post.

Badminton Synthetic Court

The badminton court must be 44 feet long and 20 feet wide and visibly marked. The court must be divided evenly lengthwise by center line. A short service line must be marked across both sides of the court, 6.5 feet from the net. The marked line at the end of the court serves as the singles long service line and a doubles long service line across both sides the court must be marked 2.5 feet closer to the net.


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