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How to Select The Best Table Tennis Rubber

In past two blogs, we discussed about the table tennis racquets and the blades and now is the time for the bat rubbers. Finding a correct rubber is the last step of having a suitable racquet for yourself.

The racquet’s rubber type and the quality has a direct effect on your game as it has the immediate contact with the ball. To enhance the performance, it is necessary to use the rubber which compliments your style of play.

So what rubber is best for what style of play? And even before that, how many types of rubber are there in the market?

Let’s find the answers of these questions in this blog.

Table tennis racquet rubbers comprise two things: the top sheet on the surface and the sponge beneath it. The top sheet comes in direct contact of the ball whereas the sponge is attached to the blade, thus act like a spring which manages the shot.  The thickness and hardness of sponge and rubber respectively contribute to the overall spin, speed and control of the ball.

The hardness of the Rubber:

Hard rubber makes the ball bounce right away and thus, the dwell time (contact time of the ball and the racquet) is very short. It, basically, propels the ball fast but generates less spin and allows less control. On the other hand, the soft rubber generates more spin and control because of the longer dwell time.

The thickness of the Sponge:

The rubbers with thick sponges allow the ball to bounce harder and faster but with less control. Whereas the rubbers with thin sponges give the opposite effect. They allow more control but slower and lesser spin.  That’s the reason why the players with attacking style choose the rubber with a thick sponge and the defensive players go with the thin sponge and soft rubber.

Two Kinds of Rubbers



Inverted rubbers have the pimpled side of the top sheet towards the blade. Thus, the smooth side is exposed on the surface. This is the reason why they are also called ‘pimpled-in’ rubbers. They further have two different categories:

Tacky Rubbers: These rubbers have a smooth and sticky surface, thus allowing to create spin on the ball. The amount of tackiness in the ball will decide how much spin it can create. The tackier the rubber, the more spin it will create and vice versa. These rubber give room to the player for creating the full spin shots for the opponent.

Anti-Spin Rubbers: These rubber have a slippery surface. Thus, it creates the opposite effect on the ball from that of the tacky rubbers. It nullifies the spin created by the opponent on the ball. As the surface is slippery, the ball just slips off and doesn’t grip on it. These rubbers are used for slowing down the ball as it cannot create powerful attacks because of its surface.


Pimples rubbers have the pimpled side of the sheet exposed on the surface. There are two types of pips available:-

Short Pimples-out: These rubbers have the short and broad pimples on the surface. These create the effect a bit similar to that of the inverted pimples rubbers. These rubbers don’t create much friction because of the lesser amount of rubber contacting the ball. But they are great for smashing and counter hitting the ball as the spin created by the opponent doesn’t really affect these rubbers.

Long Pimples-out: These rubbers have the long, thin pimples out on the surface which slow down and reverse the spin on the ball upon contact. The major advantage of these rubbers is that they create an unpredictable grip which can confuse the opponent in the game.


In this whole series, we discussed the performance of the different Racquets, Blades and Rubbers. If you have queries related to sports or table tennis, then you can drop us a comment in the comment section. We are very happy to guide you.


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