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Tips to Play Badminton like a Pro

There are many players who don’t get badminton coaching from professionals and miss the opportunity to learn the right techniques. The below mentioned tips on badminton will help you play the game like a pro. Get ready to step up your game and impress others with your equipment of badminton game.

Make Best Use of Wrist Action

Badminton is all about wrist. The energy comes from your wrist action and your swing. To maximize your badminton wrist action, do not grip your racket too tightly. Keeping badminton grip too tightly will basically tense your muscles which will restrict the movements of your wrist and you won't be able to perform a quick flicking wrist action.

Practice Forehand Strokes                           

In order to play like a pro, correct forehead stroke technique is a must as it is the most often used technique in the game. Once you master this stroke, you can perform all the types of shots such as smash, drop shot, and badminton clear etc.

After getting your hands on these shots, you can learn more complex shots like attacking clear, badminton jump smash and badminton drives.

Do Not Tense Your Muscles

Badminton requires speed rather than power. Shots like badminton jump smash are a powerful badminton shot which comes from the speed of the player's swing and wrist action. Hence you need to focus on fast motions and stay flexible.

To be flexible, relax your muscles and don’t tense them!

Balance your Body

It becomes difficult to produce power in your badminton game if you don’t have a balance. While performing a powerful swing, most of the people lose their balance. Therefore, you won’t be able to perform a strong swing as you will lose balance after your strong swing.

High level badminton players or professionals are aware of making use of the NON-RACKET ARM to maintain balance at all times.

Expert the Basics

Your badminton game will always depend on your basics. How well you know your basics and how expert you are in them will always take your game further. First, holding and gripping the badminton racket correctly is the most important part as power of your shots depend on your grip.

Second, identify the difference stances to adopt for different situations.

Finally, work on your footsteps. Good movement on the court is important to improve your defending as well as allowing you to strike quickly.

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