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To Wear The Swimming Goggles or Leave Them

Swimming goggles are an absolute must for swimmers. It is essential to learn how to wear swimming goggles in the right manner for utmost protection.

If used appropriately, goggles help you to protect the eyes and allow you to see crystal clear while you’re underwater. It is highly imperative for the learners and as well as the competitive swimmers.

However, using goggles can increase your enjoyment only if they fit correctly and are worn in a right way.

Failing to do so will lead to water leakage against your eyes, pressure against your eyes (potentially irritating them), and even cause distorted vision underwater.

Comfortable is always better

Swimming goggles are available in different shapes and sizes. The narrow nose pieces are very essential in smaller swimming goggles made especially for younger swimmers as it helps to keep the eyepieces in place. They also have an assortment of eyepiece sizes to make certain an apt fit for mostly all face types. Always go for the ones that are super comfortable when it sits on your face and also doesn’t put pressure around your eye sockets.

Pick the ones that have suction

Gently grasp the lens of the swimming goggles touching your eye sockets to check whether there is any suction. Choose the swimming goggles only when the frame matches with your face type, and lenses fit with suction and no water leakage.

PS – If there is no suction, it means the goggles don’t fit you.

Front to back is the way

Press the lens firmly against your face, while you pull the straps of the swimming goggles over your head in 45 degree angle; adjust the strap and make sure it fits properly. Always ensure you wear the swimming goggles from front to back 

Taking off the Swimming Goggles

When you shall be removing the swimming goggles, place your thumbs onto the straps that are on the back of your head and then lightly let loose the strap of the goggles from back to front.

You should choose the right pair of goggles that match the shape of your eye sockets is always essential.

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