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Treadmill Running- Is It Really Bad For Your Knees

40% Of People Skip Treadmill Running Considering It To Be Harmful To Health

Does this stats shock you???

It did to me as well, when first my boss told me the hazard of the treadmill, during a casual table-talk.

Although I was taken aback for a while, indeed somewhere down the line I got scared and asked him the BIG FAT Why.

But unfortunately this scare worked opposite on me, and I decided to know more about it.

On being asked, I was told that treadmill running really is harmful to the health as it makes the knees go weak and many more.

So I made the sports experts from Cosco team, to understand the mechanism and the real effect of the treadmill.

So here are my findings in this blog piece, unbundle further…

Myth # 1 -Treadmill Running Is Bad For Knees


A knee pain is not caused by the treadmill, but there are other factors which are secretly responsible for it, but we pick the baton of myths, and solely tarnish the treadmill.

You would be shocked to know that a set of intrinsic and extrinsic factors must be considered before taking the gun of the blame game.

Myth #2- Treadmill Has A High Impact On The Knees

Pleaseeee…WAKE UP

Treadmill running does not and at all impact on your knees. The semi-floating wooden board beneath under the treadmill is its belt, which acts as a shock absorber to lessen the impact on the heels, knees, and spine.

Myth #3 -Treadmill Should Be Used Only For Walking

Listen, peeps, Treadmill running is not at all equal to ground running and take it easier than anything else. Also, the surprising fact suggests that the metabolic cost of treadmill running is marginal compared to the ground on the scale of speed and body mass.

But there are few guidelines which must be followed before you start running

  • Make sure that you go through a complete examination of joints and muscles by health experts.
  • Do not rush to increase the duration/intensity, but increase gradually
  • Continue doing lower body muscle strength training.
  • Get the “Running Techniques” from experts.
  • Change your running shoes yearly or after every 800 km.                                                            
  • Initiate core stability training to avoid back pain

So finally listen that Treadmill is not at all bad for your knees, this is not my personal observation, but the from the team of experts hailing all the way from the industry experts Cosco, who not just offer you the best possible suggestions but also give a fleet of best treadmills in India.

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