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An important part of complete weight loss and fitness program is involves weight lifting. These types of exercises are also known as strength or resistance training. Weight lifting is important when paired with cardio exercises to help you reach your fitness goals.

If you are planning to start weight-lifting, you should know 5 things, including the types of exercises, benefits and equipment involved.

Weight Lifting Benefits:

Weight lifting goals are to strengthen and build your muscles and to burn fat. Apart from this, weight training offers multiple benefits to improve your health and physique. Some other benefits are:

  • Better joint and muscle balance and coordination.
  • Better sleep and psychological well being.
  • Reduced injuries and increased bone density.
  • Strong muscles and endurance.
  • Decreased risk of obesity and high blood pressure.

Weight lifting Equipment

Your types of exercises and equipments depend on your weight lifting objectives. Weight lifting equipment includes dumbbells, cable, barbells and weight lifting exercises include bench presses, cable rows, triceps, biceps, and squats.

5 Things to Know Before you Start Lifting Weights

1. Goals

Set the goals you want to achieve for weight lifting to plan a custom-made program to meet your needs. This may include toning, bulking up, increasing strength, endurance, or slimming down. Your objectives may determine the equipments you use, types of exercises you do and the length of training time.


2. Need for Coaching

Having a professional and certified trainer is important for effective results and to reduce the likelihood of injuries such as fractures, strains and sprains. With a fitness coach you may learn the proper exercises, forms and techniques.


3.  Muscle Groups

You can achieve your without overtraining yourself by focusing on all the main muscle groups. Major groups are upper body pullers and pushers, which includes the biceps and chest, the lower body pullers and pushers include calves and hamstrings.

\"\"\"\"4. Expected Lifestyle Changes

Proper eating and getting sufficient sleep and rest is important for your fitness. You must follow a balanced diet which includes carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. With the adequate sleep, your body will build muscle mass and will be better equipped to grow.


5. Safety Precautions

Follow the safety rules and precautions to reduce the risks of injuries. This involves doing the right techniques and forms to avoid overtraining of muscles and poor results.


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The healthiest way to lose weight is through exercise. Although mega calories are burnt with cardio activities such as cycling, running, strengthening your muscles is also important for weight loss because lean muscle mass boosts your metabolism and burns more fat.

Strength training with elastic exercise bands can contribute to weight loss in a great way. Elastic Exercise is made of strong, thin rubber, and come in a variety of resistances depending on your fitness level. You can try different types of strength training exercises like shoulder presses, chest presses, triceps extensions, squats, biceps curls, without doing it with heavy weights.

If you are new to elastic exercise band, you may be surprised at how much benefit you can get from it. Few benefits are:


Exercise bands price is inexpensive and you can buy exercise bands at very low price. Even extensive kits, which may include other exercise equipment and are specifically designed to challenge your core muscles, are available at good prices.

Used with Common Exercises

You can use elastic exercise band with familiar strength training moves which means you don’t need to learn new exercises. Exercise bands can replace weights in biceps curls and can also increase the intensity of your pushups in an effective way.

Full-Body Exercises

Exercise bands can be used for a complete, full-body workout that challenges almost every major muscle in your body.

Takes Less Storage Space

Exercise bands take up no space for storage, which means you can use and store them anywhere in the home even if you have very little space.

Easy to Carry While Travelling

Exercise bands are easily portable and lightweight. You can pack them in your traveling bag and use them to get a good workout right in your hotel room.

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Earlier there was one basic type of yoga mat made of PVC and the only choice you got was whether to buy blue or purple. Today, there are many types of yoga mats to suit everyone’s preference and priority.

Not only you need to choose from colors and patterns that suit your style but yoga mat also need to keep your poses stable. Your mat needs to be portable and storable, yet cushy and comfy. All the aspects of your mat's qualities are affected by how the mat is made: what it’s made of, how thick it is, and its surface texture.

Use this Cosco’s guide to help you find a right yoga mat for you.


The thickness of your yoga mat has a lot to do with its comfort. Too thin, can get your knee banged up during yoga. And too thick yoga mats can make it difficult for you to feel a sturdy connection to the floor.

Buying guide: If you have less space to store your yoga mat, go for a thinner mat and opt for a standard-depth mat, in the 1/8 inch range.

If you enough space for storing your mat go for more cushioning and opt for a premium yoga mat that's about 1/4 inch thick.

If you need to pack your yoga mat in a suitcase or carry it to somewhere, get a foldable travel yoga mat in the 1/16 inch range.


Sticky yoga mats help you from sliding and help you maintain your position as you move from one pose to another, also when you hold poses for several seconds.

Basic buying guide: If you need to stay to put in your poses but you bristle while practicing on a yoga mat, a PVC yoga mat can help you best.


Texture dictates the traction of yoga mat. Texture has an effect on how much sliding and slipping you do. It provides physical difficulty to sliding and because texture affects the way a yoga mat feels, it’s also a factor of overall comfort.

Buying guide: If you want a yoga mat that prevents slipping, avoid PVC mats and look for a jute, rubber, or cotton yoga mat that has a tactile, raised, tactile pattern. And if you are looking for smoothness, a PVC yoga mat is the way to go.


Yoga mats material dictates its stickiness, texture, sponginess, eco-friendliness, and how it wears over time.

Buying guide: Avoid yoga mats made of natural rubber if you are allergic to latex. If you want a true sticky mat go for PVC yoga mat. Sponginess varies with different blends of materials, but mostly, PVC has the maximum of any yoga mat material; cotton and jute have the minimum.


Generally, basic PVC yoga mat price will be in a lesser price range. You may pay more for designs, patterns, or logos; you can buy yoga mat online at good prices. Yoga training set also includes yoga mat along with yoga brick and other yoga equipment.


Once you are done with your choices of material, thickness, stickiness, textures, and price, there's only one factor left and that is style! Choose and buy yoga mat of your favorite print, color, or pattern from , after all, you will be seeing a lot of it.

There are many players who don’t get badminton coaching from professionals and miss the opportunity to learn the right techniques. The below mentioned tips on badminton will help you play the game like a pro. Get ready to step up your game and impress others with your equipment of badminton game.

Make Best Use of Wrist Action

Badminton is all about wrist. The energy comes from your wrist action and your swing. To maximize your badminton wrist action, do not grip your racket too tightly. Keeping badminton grip too tightly will basically tense your muscles which will restrict the movements of your wrist and you won't be able to perform a quick flicking wrist action.

Practice Forehand Strokes                           

In order to play like a pro, correct forehead stroke technique is a must as it is the most often used technique in the game. Once you master this stroke, you can perform all the types of shots such as smash, drop shot, and badminton clear etc.

After getting your hands on these shots, you can learn more complex shots like attacking clear, badminton jump smash and badminton drives.

Do Not Tense Your Muscles

Badminton requires speed rather than power. Shots like badminton jump smash are a powerful badminton shot which comes from the speed of the player's swing and wrist action. Hence you need to focus on fast motions and stay flexible.

To be flexible, relax your muscles and don’t tense them!

Balance your Body

It becomes difficult to produce power in your badminton game if you don’t have a balance. While performing a powerful swing, most of the people lose their balance. Therefore, you won’t be able to perform a strong swing as you will lose balance after your strong swing.

High level badminton players or professionals are aware of making use of the NON-RACKET ARM to maintain balance at all times.

Expert the Basics

Your badminton game will always depend on your basics. How well you know your basics and how expert you are in them will always take your game further. First, holding and gripping the badminton racket correctly is the most important part as power of your shots depend on your grip.

Second, identify the difference stances to adopt for different situations.

Finally, work on your footsteps. Good movement on the court is important to improve your defending as well as allowing you to strike quickly.

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Online shopping is widely preferred by people these days. But everything you see on the internet is not always as it might seem. Recently, the Delhi high court passed an order restraining Flipkart from providing its e-commerce platform to sellers who allegedly sold counterfeit goods of Cosco India Ltd on its website.

After hearing a plea filed by Cosco India against Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd for providing a platform to “unauthorized” sellers to vend counterfeit sports goods and accessories under the trademark ‘Cosco’, Flipkart was directed to take down Cosco India’s counterfeit products from its website within 48 hours.

Fake manufacturers and counterfeit sellers are fooling customers and exploiting loopholes in the Information Technology Act. According to reports, more than 60 percent of sports goods available online are fake and products with over 50 percent discount online have high chances of being fake.

The fake products of Cosco India damaged/can damage its brand image as the consumers, who believed they were buying a genuine article when in fact it was a fake, will likely blame Cosco India if the fake does not fulfill their expectations, thus resulting in a loss of goodwill. If consumers never discover that they were deceived by Flipkart, they may be reluctant to buy another product from that manufacturer and may communicate dissatisfaction to other potential buyers.

 Cosco India requests all its customers to beware of fake products and buy the genuine Cosco India’s sports goods and accessories from shops and distributors. If you have any query regarding who to contact, visit our website and send us your information, our concern persons or distributors will guide from you where you can get the genuine products.


Goalkeeper gloves in Football are an essential pair of football gear. Every component of the glove protects the goalie’s hand in different ways and unusual variations help goalies play in specific playing conditions. So before you start your game this season, learn how to measure your hands to find the right size and what to look for when purchasing a pair of goalkeeper gloves.

Four different parts, four specific functions:


The palm helps in catching and securing the football. There are two types of palm texture: dimpled and smooth. Dimpled palms are best for practice sessions; they have a gripping agent, they are much more durable, hence much more suitable for practice. Conversely, smooth palms are suitable for playing match; its clinging agent helps player grab the ball easily, but it is more likely to wear off with more use, so it is best to use only in games to prolong their life. 


Fingers allow the goalie to grasp and hold the ball; it is the best defense mechanism. Finger protection gloves contain spines on the inside of the fingers, to aid in finger support. When force is applied, the material of the gloves tightens and help prevent hyperextension and breaking of digits when catching hard-kicked footballs. The fit of the gloves totally depends on the goalie preference; some choose looser fit to allow more finger movability and some like the control that stiffer gloves provide. Look for gloves that have bendable, plastic supports as opposed to simply being padded. This helps prevent strains and other injuries.


The padded backhand significantly helps to shield the hand when punching the ball. The quality mostly depends on the price. Expensive gloves are cushioned with latex, whereas less expensive gloves tend to have just one layer of foam padding.


The closure secures the glove to your hand and comes in three types: v-notch, hook and loop, and bandage. V-notch closures keep your hands cool and dry and allow ventilation.  Hook and loop closures have an adaptable strap that can be tightened or loosened. Bandage closures wrap securely around your wrist and provide superior wrist support.


Cuts or fit of the gloves is the way in which palm of the glove is made.


The negative cut has the fingers sewn from the inside, which provides the snuggest fit to the goalkeeper. These are often recommended to female or male goalies with thinner hands.


The palm sides are “rolled” around and stitched at the back of the fingers. These gloves give a tighter fit.


Hybrid cuts are the combination of Rolled gloves and Negative gloves.


These are most commonly used gloves. The palm is made with one piece of flat foam material. The fit is looser on the hand, which gives it more room to move.


As by now you know the attributes you need to look when buying the pair of goalkeeper’s gloves, it’s time to find the right size for you.

Measure the circumference of the widest part of your hand in inches with the help of measuring tape, and don’t include your fingers in the measurement. For most, this should be below where your pinky ends, and above your thumb. Round off the number.

Add 1 inch to the rounded number, and you’ll have your football goalie glove size.

For example, if your hand measure 7.85, round off it to 8. Add 1″ to determine that your glove size is a 9.

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As the winter approaches, skipping gym and curling up in blanket is quite common. Don’t suffer your fitness routine merely because of winters. You can instead make a mini gym at home without investing in those heavy top of the line gym equipment found at the gyms. We have mentioned few essential fitness accessories to make your workout worthy and effective.


Dumbbells are considered as the workhorses of the fitness world. 97% of personal training studios offer dumbbells as a fitness mainstay. If you don’t have a range of dumbbells then it’s the time to pick up a set. Compared with other pieces of equipment, dumbbells are fairly inexpensive. You can also track your progress, by comparing your starting dumbbell weight with their current weight.




If you are doing workout after a long time or doing it for the first time, treadmill is always a champion calorie burner and overall metabolic boost. Adding a treadmill to your home gym can grow your intensity as your fitness progresses. Using the various speeds, and inclines, available on treadmills help keep you engaged in your workouts and keep your body guessing. Moreover, the brands with modern cushioning, maximizes the benefits and minimizes the impact experienced from running and walking.



Cardio Equipment

Elliptical trainers, treadmills, stair climbers, upright and recumbent bikes are few cardio equipments on which the personal trainers may not work with clients one-on-one; however, they can be used for warm-ups and as a solo-workout option. Cardio equipment options might take a lot of place and are usually quite costly. These home models, commercial equipment tends to be sturdier and is designed to handle frequent use.



Jump Rope

For everyone who wants to do exercise, simple is the best.  Jump ropes demonstrate simplicity and effectiveness. It is a no-excuses tactic to improve solo physical activity and get an amazing workout in about 10 minutes. It develops hand-eye coordination, which also enhance your performance in other areas of your life.



Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bar is often considered as a tool to measure true fitness. It also takes up very little space, a boon for smaller fitness studios. Without the pull-up bar, you’re missing out on two of the most important patterns: rowing and pulling. They make a great anchor point for suspension systems or for bands.


There is still a lot to consider before deciding on the right machine for your unique goals and home gym. Consider experts before buying the type of equipment you need. Along with the fitness equipment, make sure you buy these fitness accessories before starting your workout.

In the end, No matter the equipments you use, the most important thing to remember is that they are all there to make workout more accessible to each individual practitioner. COSCO makes available to its customers a large variety of sporting goods, health & fitness equipment of international quality. Buy the best fitness equipments from Cosco for a better game. For more information visit website


Yoga props help you bring balance and stability to any yogi’s practice, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a true beginner as struggle to getting to a place of “om” or teeter while trying to touch the ground in standing split, when you feel unstable in your yoga practice is hard.

Props help practitioners to modify yoga postures, or asana, to better fit their requirements and abilities. A prop can be any object that helps in balancing, stretching, relaxation, strengthening, or alignment. Using props in proper manner can benefit you in many ways and can improve your yoga practice as well.

Props come in a broad range of forms with different uses. Below are some most preferred props and how to use them.


Bricks are used for support by bringing the floor closer to you. Brick’s support helps in lengthening and extending to deepen and soften poses. These are affordable, lightweight and easily available at stores.



How to use:

Brick can be placed in three positions, depending on the pose and level of support needed such as flat (lowest height), on end (tallest height) or on the edge (middle height). Flat offers the most stability, while end offers the least. Make sure to grip the block slightly for perfect stability.

Poses to try:

Bricks help to reach the floor in poses such as extended side angle, triangle, pyramid and half moon. Blocks can also help support the hips in supported bridge pose, hero pose and pigeon pose.


The base to any yoga practice is a good mat. Few elements must be considered when selecting the perfect mat: thickness, texture, material, stickiness. Standard mats are generally made of PVC, but there are many other eco friendly mat options such as organic, cotton, rubber etc.


How to use:

Open the roll flat and practice on top.

Poses to try:

All the good mats are helpful in balance poses, or in any pose where the knees come into contact with the floor and need some cushion.


Yoga belts are effective for increasing muscle length and flexibility, especially when you want to touch the toes or binding the arms. Also, the use of belt can help stabilize or support any positions.


How to use:

Straps act as an extension of the arms or hands. For example, in seated forward fold, a strap placed around the balls of the feet can help deepen the pose for someone who can’t reach their toes on their own. Straps can also increase balance and strength, for example when used to provide a support structure to the upper arms in forearm stand.

Poses to try:

First, try using the strap as an extension of the hands in seated forward fold (when the hands cannot easily reach the feet), or reclined hand-to-big-toe pose. Loop the middle of the strap across the ball of the foot (or feet) and grab on to the strap on each side, using the strap for traction to lengthen the body and deepen the fold. Next, try using the strap for assistance with standing extended hand-to-big-toe pose (where you stand with one leg extended straight in front and then out to one side). If you want to incorporate binds to your practice but aren’t quite there, use a strap as the connection between your hands.


Towel can help you when your feet or hands slip on the mat. A yoga towel is much more helpful in sweatier practices such as power yoga.


How to use:

Lay flat over a yoga mat for decreased slippage and increased traction.

Poses to try:

It is for all the poses but a towel will especially improve poses such as downward dog, where the hands tend to slip.

Wearable Accessories

From clothes to gloves, socks, sleeves, there are all kinds of wearable toga accessories. There are a lot of great items especially if you tend to have slippery feet, arms or hands but none of them are really necessary to improve your practice.


In the end, No matter the props you use, the most important thing to remember is that they are all there to make yoga more accessible to each individual practitioner. COSCO makes available to its customers a large variety of sporting goods, health & fitness equipment of international quality. Buy the best quality yoga equipments from Cosco for a better game. For more information visit website

Cosco prides itself on making a visible difference through sport as we know that taking the first step into participating in a sporting or recreational activity can change lives for the better by improving health, spatial awareness, confidence and social interaction.

In this most beautiful time of the year, that time of the year again when the streets are full of people frantically trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, the dark nights are illuminated by festive lights and charitable giving is at its highest. It’s Christmas.

Sharing joy and giving gifts is what defines this most wonderful time of year and, Cosco has already come up with its multi channel Christmas campaign on how to spread some Christmas cheer among the children. In their campaign #TruckFullOfJoy, where children were busy in their school activities, they suddenly see an earthmover rolling towards them. The smattering of school hymn and soft cinematography poke fun at the festive season when they see the Santa sitting in the earthmover waving the school children with joy. All the children get overjoyed and excited after seeing the Santa and run towards the earthmover crazily in enjoyment. Running towards the Santa, they all suddenly stopped when the earthmover dropped all different types of balls towards them. The next second, all the children were crazily dancing and jumping with joy, they were thrilled and enjoying playing with so many colorful balls. Their innocence and level of excitement could be seen in their eyes, they were so happy that seeing them in so much fun made Cosco’s day!

After spreading the joy, the earthmover read “Merry Christmas from Cosco”. The idea of the campaign was to spread #TruckFullOfJoy and #KheloDilKholKe themes as sports gifts bring happiness to children and are also recommended as fit & active gift for them. Cosco encourages children to play and live their life to the fullest. Cosco provides different types of balls for every type of sports (which were coming out of the earthmover) for example, moulded football, moulded volleyball, Size 3 basketball, Cosco cricket plus and many more. These balls are manufactured with good quality of leather/rubber to make the game much more effective and productive.

The Cosco’s #TruckFullOffJoy campaign spread the simplicity of the tune and the idea, and the fact #KheloDilKholKe joyfully at the end, is the merry best.

A lot of people buy tennis racket whatever their favorite player is using, instead of looking at what will actually suit their style of play. It is one of the common mistake people do as we are individuals and it’s important that the racket you choose is the racket you like the feel of. Working of racket depend on what style of player you are, what you like to do and what you want to achieve.

Try to find a racquet that feels comfortable, because if you feel comfortable and confident then you will play better. Four things you must consider when choosing a tennis racquet are:

  1. Check Weight of the Racket



The weight of the racket you choose should depend on your strength and how you swing it. Lighter rackets are easy to move and swing, and has balance of weight in the head. So when you hit the ball, the head drops and that’s where the weight comes into play. A heavier racket has more weight in the handle than the head, and is solid for those who play harder to the faster balls that come towards them.

  1. Head size


It depends on your style of playing that whether you need a smaller head size that gives you more control or a larger head size that gives you bigger sweet spot i.e. the area on the strings where you get the maximum response from the racket. These more forgiving tennis rackets are generally more suited to beginners.

  1. String tension

Strings are the most important part of the racket. They’re what give you power and control depending on the tension. The looser the strings the more power, the tighter the strings the more control you have. Tighter strings gives more control if you have a big swing, while if you have a slower swing you should have looser strings for more power.

  1. Grip

If you hold the racket in your hand, you should have about a finger’s width distance between the tips of your fingers and the base of your palm. The wrong grip size can cause tennis elbow, and a worn out grip will cause you to grip the racket too hard and too firm and stiffen your arm up. The grip sizes convert from US sizes to UK sizes as follows with size 1 being the smallest and Grip size 5 is the largest:

4 1/8 = 1

4 1/4" = 2

4 3/8 = 3

4 1/2" = 4

4 5/8 = 5

Most juniors using full size tennis rackets choose grip size 1 or 2, most women opt for grip sizes 2 or 3 and most men opt for grip sizes 3 or 4.

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When it comes to purchasing commercial fitness equipment you might think it’s a matter of going into a shop and making a purchase but it’s not actually as effortless as that. You need to be sure that the equipments you are choosing are best and that can take some time to get absolutely right. The following are just five factors you must think before buying new commercial equipment.

How Much Will IT Need For Maintenance?

You have to look before purchasing that the equipment you are buying must not need much of maintenance as all gym equipment needs some sort of maintenance from time to time but you ideally don’t wish to spend a lot of time doing it. High maintenance equipments don’t have the time or patience, so it’s something you must think of. While buying exercise equipments ensure that the maintenance side is low.

How Much Does Fitness Equipments Cost?

Cost is important when it comes to buying exercise equipments. For some it’s not that important but do you really want to buy something far too expensive? No right? Sometimes, you really have to reign in your spending and be a little wise as to how much you’re spending. So buy wisely.

Does The Equipment Look Nice?

Looks might not be overly important but it can make all the difference at times. If you find equipment unappealing, you might never use it and waste all your money. You absolutely have to think about how the items look before you buy as it should be appealing enough to motivate you to exercise.

Have You Read The Reviews or Feedbacks?

Most people don’t actually think about reading reviews or feedback which is a real shame. When you don’t read them, you end up spending so much for something worthless. Do you really want to buy commercial fitness equipment that isn’t going to offer you what you need? Of course you don’t and that’s why you have to take this seriously and read reviews before buying.

Buy The Right Commercial Gym Equipment Today

When it comes to buying exercise equipment a lot of people can struggle. The biggest problem is that there are quite a few options available and making a choice between them all can be difficult. However, when you understand a few things to be wary of you should hopefully be able to find the very best items.  COSCO makes available to its Customers a large variety of sporting goods, health & fitness equipment of international quality. Buy the best commercial gym equipments from Cosco. For more information visit website

A lot of people ask this question so they can better understand what piece of equipment to use. When talking about the rowing machine vs. treadmill to ask which is better, we first need to explain “better”. The explanation of “better” depends who you ask. One person’s thought of better is the machine that builds the most muscle. Another person’s idea of better is which machine that burns the most calories. In other words, every person’s explanation “better” can be very different.

Both rowing and running provide a great cardiovascular workout that helps in:

  • Brightens up your mood
  • Improve your sleeping conditions
  • Promoting weight loss
  • Increasing energy level
  • Burning calories
  • Increasing bone density
  • Reduction of risk of heart disease and some types of cancer
  • Increasing confidence
  • Strengthening your heart and lungs

…The list goes on and on but hopefully you get the point

Treadmill has the ability where you can adjust your running speed for a challenging workout. Treadmill mostly works on your leg muscles such as calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

Whereas, rowing machines have adjustable resistance to cater to the users’ strength level and a user can also row as fast as they can possibly row. It provides a great cardio workout as most of the muscles of the body are worked out on rowing machine. You get a perfect leg work out by pushing off and your entire upper body is exercised during the “pull” portion of rowing. Rowing is truly a great functional fitness exercise that requires your whole body to work hard, not just your legs.


Other benefits of Rowing Machine:



  • Cardiovascular Benefits

Using a rowing machine is an endurance that uses carbohydrates to provide the energy required to exercise and also increases heart function.

  • Muscle Toning

Rowing uses almost every muscle group in your body. It uses upper body muscles to strengthen the back, arms and shoulders. With little pressure on the joints, due to the activity's low-impact nature, rowers work their hips, legs and buttocks with each stroke.

  • Stress Reduction

Rowing machine is so convenient that you can also do it at home and then fold the machine and store it out of sight. Such cardiovascular workouts, in particular, increase the amount of endorphins released in the body, which can reduce stress and even lift feelings of depression.

  • Weight Loss

Rowing rapidly burns calories, making it a appropriate addition to your workout routine if weight loss is your chief priority.

Whichever machine you ultimately prefer, Cosco recommends mixing up your workouts so that by using different machines and changing routines your body will not get used to exercise you’re performing.

As badminton is an international and Olympic sport, there are certain rules and equipment to be used while playing. There are specific rules and specifications in badminton like court dimensions, racket size, net height and shuttle construction that are to be strictly controlled. Are you aware of these equipment and their specifications? Go through the blog and see how much you know about your favorite sport!

Badminton RACKET

Badminton racket is made of interwoven synthetic string hitting surface attached to a thin shaft and a handle. The head of the racket cannot be bigger than 280mm in length and 220 mm in width.  The full weight of a strung racket frame must be between 80 and 100 g. earlier only wooden rackets were produced by the manufacturers but now, modern rackets are produced with frames made out of aluminum alloy, steel, titanium and composite materials.


Badminton SHUTTLE

The small object hit back and forth across the net is made up of natural or artificial material. Shuttle has a ball-shaped base made of rubber or cork covered with leather. The feathers of the shuttle must measure between 2 ½ and 2 2/3 inches. The shuttle should weigh about 0.16 to 0.19 oz. Players should test the shuttles for speed and flight before each match.


Badminton NET

Net has a very important role in badminton; it divides the two sides in the court. It can be natural or synthetic with fine netting line, dark and of even thickness with a mesh no larger than 20 mm. The badminton net must be of dimensions 2.5 feet tall and 20 feet wide. An official measurement of badminton net is 5 feet high in the center, and 5 feet, 1 inch at the sides. The net attaches to vertical posts on either side of the court. The net should have a white tape running along the top to make it visible for the player.



Badminton Posts

The vertical posts are to hold the net on either side of the court. It must be 5 feet tall and must stay upright stringing the net. The net must tie to the net posts so that no gap appears between the net and the post.

Badminton Synthetic Court

The badminton court must be 44 feet long and 20 feet wide and visibly marked. The court must be divided evenly lengthwise by center line. A short service line must be marked across both sides of the court, 6.5 feet from the net. The marked line at the end of the court serves as the singles long service line and a doubles long service line across both sides the court must be marked 2.5 feet closer to the net.


Cosco manufactures the best quality equipment for badminton so that you have the best game no matter you are playing it as a hobby or profession. To check variety of badminton equipment, visit our website,

Hardly any months back, it was India who went to Sri Lanka for a full-fledged bilateral series and now its Sri Lanka’s time to return the favor. Over the years, India and Sri Lanka have faced each other more than any other two teams. However, doesn’t dull the shine of rivalry between the two.

Just after beating New Zealand earlier this month in the ODI and the T20I series, India is now planned to take on Sri Lanka for a test series of three matches, beginning November 16, 2017. Earlier Sri Lanka was planned to tour India in February 2018. However, after the request made by Sri Lanka Cricket, the tour is scheduled to advance.

For the moment, Sri Lanka’s tour of India comprises of three One-day internationals and as many Tests and T20I. The tour will commence with the Test series, beginning November 16 in Kolkata and the tour ends with a T20I in Mumbai on December 24. The last time India and Sri Lanka met in a bilateral series, the former won all the matches and performed a 9-0 whitewash across all formats.

Having endured a 0-9 embarrassment at home across three formats, the Islanders are here in India after a gap of two months but with a confidence-boosting disclosure, 2-0 Test series win over Pakistan in UAE last month. However, judging by India's current performance, the energy is certainly going to be on India's side. With the pitch traditionally supporting the spinners and somewhat the seamers, it would be a good wicket for the bowlers. Both the sides have a good bowling line-up. Thus, it would be interesting to see how they fair.

Cosco’s good wishes are with team India, whether the team performs well or it is little less than the expectations, we will continue to support the team and expect everyone will be there with us.

The most talented young players of the world gave India an unforgettable show of world-class football on the field, whilst the country showcased its organizational skills in a flawless and record-breaking tournament across six cities, which ended with England winning the title.

In a tournament of many firsts, the two best technically sound teams, England and Spain met in the finale. The top players from the academies of best English Premier League Clubs grabbed their maiden title after beating Spain 5-2 in the highest scoring in their fourth appearance.

The event U-17 World Cup in India turned into a milestone as it became the most attended and maximum scoring tournament in its history. The total number of spectators in this FIFA U-17 World Cup is 37,214 more than the record of highest attendance in a U-20 World Cup, that of 1,309,929 in Colombia in 2011. The India edition also became the highest scoring tournament with 177 goals from 52 matches, bettering the earlier highest of 172 during the 2013 United Arab Emirates.

On the very first match of India and in seconds of kick-off, the crowd of over 50,000 was on their toes. Their screaming was at the top of their voices and the atmosphere was so intense that the person, who had the slightest interest in football, could have confused it as a cricket match between India and Pakistan from outside the stadium.

Even though we lost the matches, it was an experience of a lifetime. There were players who performed admirably and caught the eyes in the tournament. Dheeraj Moirangthem, the Indian goalkeeper became one of the major motivations for the team and country. He became a bit of a fan favorite in Delhi which was evident from the fact that the crowd cheered every time he made one of his monster throws after which he almost does a cartwheel in the follow-through. Cosco congratulates him for his commendable performance and spirit.

As the beautiful game is growing in India, we can say that India is no longer a cricket crazy country only. Even though we didn’t win any match or have scored only one goal in the entire tournament, the occasion was so imperative that these things don’t matter.

Cosco cherishes the glory and encourages the junior players to flourish their skills for the coming tournaments.

A country like India, where cricket is not less than a religion, expecting the cricket fans to emerge from any corner of the country, is nothing unusual. Cricket is experienced every day and every hour not just in the playgrounds, but in the Indian street too, with zest and zeal and apart from the jam-packed stadiums to watching on TV, cricket has crossed the boundary of a mere sports game, which is enjoyed and relished by many. Cricket is considered as a serious profession in India and there are various academies and the cricket coaching clubs, which are scattered at every corner to create a blissful learning experience for the young aspirants.

Just like all, I too adore every single detail about cricket and always look for the ways to polish my skills, despite having a good number of coaching center for cricket, something which plays a vital role in giving you a robust background for the Cricket learning and playing, is the accessories utilized in the cricket game. The ball, the helmet, the gripper, legguard, glove thigh guard and the most importantly a Cricket bat... Do you wonder, why I have mentioned the cricket bat in the last and as an eminent part of the cricket kit, the reason behind this states that the selection of right cricket bat is largely responsible for the success of the game?

Why Cricket Bat Cannot Be Ignored

The size and the quality of a cricket bat cannot be ignored, since if the ball is too heavy, it would force the player to alter his grip, in order to lift the bat while playing a shot. The most significant fact suggests that a right cricket bat enhances and boosts the technical development of the game, also a comfortable bat lets the player play strokes effortlessly. But the next big question comes, that where to find a right and perfect cricket bat?

Where To Find Right Cricket Bat


I concur with you, a right cricket bat, cannot be a cup of tea, for every sports products manufacturer, but a renowned and trusted name in the field has to be considered while picking a right cricket bat for yourself. After days of invested in looking for a right bat for myself, I drained my energy and money in picking the wrong cricket bat, and with utter frustration, I need to admit, the end-result, had not been something which I expected it to be.

Then I was suggested by my cricket coach to visit and trust me the quality and the cost-effectiveness of the Cricket products, were beyond imagination and I ordered English Willow and Kashmir Willow, and as I mentioned the products I received was of supreme quality and the click of buying with Cosco was that their team fully helped and supported me at the each and every step of my buy, which made me fallen for this brand head over heels and has provoked me further to recommend this brand to every cricket lover and aspirant to enjoy every intricacy of cricket game with an élan.

If you are willing to know more about Cosco and want to buy the best quality cricket bats in India, then you can get in touch with the Cosco team and get the best cricket bats at the most reasonable cost.

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Something that comes as easy as playing handball is the game of volleyball. When you go to a beach, beach volleyball is the game that is enjoyed the most with friends and families. It is a simple game that can be played between two people or two groups for fun. If you want to take it professionally, you need to learn the tricks and rules of playing it right now. You will learn it fast and appropriately if you follow the volleyball rules and regulations step-by-step. 

Here’s the deal before you know the rules

·         You need to have a team of six which should be a combination of three front row and three back row
·         You will need a libero player who is also called a back row player or a defensive specialist. To differentiate from the rest of the team, he or she can wear a different color jersey

The rules that one needs to be aware of

1. The Court (Rule 1): To play the game of volleyball, you need to have the right court prescribed. Volleyball court measurement is not complex and one can easily set this up. The Width is 30 feet and the length is 60 feet. The net should measure 30 feet by 30 feet on each side. Coscohas some of the best quality volleyball nets that you can choose from. Once the ground is set, you are ready to attack your opponents. 
2. The Game (Rule 2):Volleyball game begins with a serve. There will be a server who does it from the end of the court as long as the feet of the server don’t cross the line. If we date back to the history of Volleyball, the ball when served shouldn’t touch the net and reach the opponent team. The catch is that it doesn’t matter anymore as long as the ball crosses the net. 
3. The Attack (Rule 3):When answering the serve, you need to follow the sequence of the attack and that is a bump, set and spike. The sequence has been named differently now. It is known as pass, set and hit. One person cannot hit the ball twice in the sequence. If done, soon you will be out of the court.
4. Change of Position(Rule 4):Every time, you get the ball back to your court, each of the team members has to rotate anti-clockwise. If this trick is not mastered, it can get really over the head and you won’t be fruitful enough for the team. Getting this right is absolutely important.

That’s not all

You need to know the scoring patternas well. Here’s how it work.
The game will be played up to 25 points which was initially 20. A team has to win two games out of three. The offender team will score on every miss by the defender or out of bounds hit while the defender team will score on every miss by the offender, out of bounds hit or if the serve hits the net.
All the upcoming volleyball players can learn the rules and be the master of the court in future.
For any game in the world, you need to have the best attributes more than the equipment. Volleyball equipment definitely makes for the aesthetics and making scoring easy but what is equally important is the passing the ball skills. Passing the pall among the team players and helping the striker to hit the ball is the most crucial part of the game. If the ball is not passed tactfully, scoring can be a daunting task.
If you have been playing volleyball for years now and yet haven’t mastered the passing skills, you can learn it right now and regret no more.

How can you actually excel at it?

Volleyball players miss out on the essential part of winning a game and that’s the skills to pass the volleyball ball
You are not too far from acquiring the skills after you go through the tips to improve your effectiveness in the team. 
If you are responsible for passing the ball in the court, you have to swift as a bird. That goes without saying. Apart from this, you have to learn the rhythm at which the team plays and also watch the opponent. You will then move to the next level and that is being an excellent passer.
First of all, you need to have the required skills to be a volleyball passer and those skills are pipeline passing, shuffle steps, toss catch drill and also basket passing drill. With this accomplishment, you are ready for the next steps of making a mark on the team. 
Secondly, keep your eyes on the volleyball net and know when your team is getting the ball back. Timing is absolutely important and that’s how you sensitize your body, arms and hips to take position accordingly. 
Always be ready for the pass. When you are sure that the ball is coming to you for a pass, be ready with the posture that makes your arms and elbows stiff and stable for making a sensible pass. Instead of your head, move your eyes to keep a tab on the movement of the ball.
You should be able to gaze the momentum of the ball. This helps you to relax your arms muscles as quickly as you can and thereby letting you make a pass that is just the right one for your team mate.
A volleyball passer must be a multi-tasker. You can’t just focus on one thing. You have to be ready to pass, change the body posture, maintain an eye contact and communicate through the eyes with your team mates. 
Mastering all these tips, you gain more importance in the team and people. It is the passing skills of the ball that will make a difference and as they say “Practice makes a man perfect”, one has to try repeatedly and continue trying until the perfection is achieved. Don’t worry about the volleyball equipment. You will easily get the top quality ones from sports centric brand like Cosco India. Focus on the playing skills and master the passing skills for contributing to your team’s success.
Any game played for fun or professionally has certain rules and regulations that one has to adhere to. Apart from the rules and regulations not being adhered to, there are a few common mistakes that every game player falls prey to. Even when volleyball rules and regulations are taken into consideration and given the best foot forward, the mistakes he or she makes can’t be ignored. These mistakes are spoilers just like the spoilers before any interesting movie that we have been waiting for. These mistakes can be corrected for a better playing of each of the players.

Four Common Mistakes Volleyball Players Make

1. Volleyball Drills Mistake: Many teams have a number of drills to perform and they do it no doubt! The loophole is that the drills are done for fun and not any focus towards improving the game. This is performed as a routine. Instead, if the drills are done to improve every player’s core strength, it can be one benefitting action. 
2. Making Faster Progress: Rome was not built in a day and even volleyball players can’t be forced to perform instantly. If you do so, they will do it for one day. Under the pressure, they might also get demotivated. Take one step at a time. When you reach the perfection in one style, proceed to the next. So, taking it slow is the solution in this case.
3. Pass not Paid Attention to: Passing the volleyball ball is an integral part of the game. If the players miss doing that appropriately, you might lose the game eventually. The player giving a pass and the player receiving it should have a good eye contact. This skill can be acquired with practice and if the practice isn’t done rigorously, passing at the right timing to the right person may be a great loss for the team.
4. Making the Block Obvious: The player from the other team is always ready for a block when you smash the ball. We tend to make the mistake of hitting the ball hard towards the person who is ready to block it. That is psychological. This can be a game winning point if not done in anobvious way. Hit the ball towards the player who is on the left, right or behind the blocker. How do you do that? After you learn the blocker of the opponent team through the body language he or she displays as soon as you are ready to hit the ball over the net.
Buying inappropriate volleyball equipment, definitely, is a mistake but it is our preparation and approach in the game that eventually either lets us win the game or lose it. Which side of the court do you want to be in? If these mistakes are not corrected, even the best equipment of volleyball from Cosco also will not help. The choice is yours. Do you want to be a perfect player or a player with imperfections?
Without practice, it is impossible to gain perfection in any stratum of life. This is true with every game. It needs physical strength and absolute focus. The game volleyball is no different from other games and many players try to improve their skills by joining a club, finding a coach, practising daily for an hour or two. These are, no doubt, important but what is indispensable is exercise. You may not want to practice these exercises if you are up for beach volleyball only. For some serious game and to play it professionally, you need to practice these exercises without a miss.

Simple Exercises to improve your Volleyball game

1. Planks: There can be nothing better than getting planks done. It is a common work out carried out by every fitness freak you come across. For this, you need to be facing the floor with forearms touching the ground. The angle of the elbows should be 90-degree. Your body should be in a straight line. With the help of the forearms, lift your body up and down. This is a great exercise to improve your core strength.
2.Ski Jumps: This can be done even around the volleyball court dimensions. You will have great agility with this exercise. Keep your legs joined and firmly touching the ground. Start jumping from one side of the line to another and continue till you meet the point from where you started. It is fun and at the same time, you will save time coming to the volleyball court for practice just after this exercise.
3. Burpees: If there is an exercise that involves your arms, legs, chest muscles and other important parts of the body, it has to be burpees. It is a combination of push up and athletic position and then raising hands high as though you are about to hit the volleyball ball. It is an extensive exercise but simple to perform.
4. Broad Jumps: What is the most important part of volleyball? It is jumping. Without constantly jumping, volleyball players may miss the momentum to perform the best out of them. The constant jumping action can be quite exhausting. Practicing broad jumps every day will be beneficial in all respect. Start from smaller broad jumps and then gradually you can increase the distance. Be ready to see the fittest and perfect volleyball player in a few months.
Try these exercises and wait for the magic that follows. You will hit two birds with one stone following this regime. You will have a healthier and leaner body and at the same time be better with your volleyball playing skills.
History of volleyball says that only the fittest survive in the long run and it is true with every sport in the world that demands core strength. You can bestow all your faith on getting the best exercise equipment from Cosco India as it is the name that has been consistently fulfilling your exercising needs. Be strong and get aggressive in your game of volleyball.

Football is the game of energy, zeal, zest and the pleasure, and it is played widely across the globe, from the professional playgrounds to the streets, parks and house terraces. I totally understand that buying a football for the very first time, is not an easy task, especially in today’s time, wherein the sports industry is overly crowded with the number of options offering the footballs, but unfortunately not every sports accessory manufacturer let the quality to drive it products and the outcome is not what is expected, in such scenario it is really hard to get a leading and a tried and tested sports manufacturer to cater your requirement.

There are various factors which are supposed to be considered before choosing and buying a football, and picking any random football in the market, is only a superfluous idea.  To solve your issue, today I have brought down a solution for you in the below-mentioned writing, let’s read ahead…

Ball Size Matters

It is the most surprising fact to know that, many football companies do not offer the footballs in the different sizes, which lets the buyers opt for the wrong ball size. You must remember that younger players require Size 3, pre-teens require Size 4 and the teens and adults require Size 5. The size of your football must be accurate to the players’ age, so the best practices in the football can be explored and learned further.

Check Right Panel Number And Design

The number of panels decides that how the ball moves through the air and how much control the players have. It can range from 32 panels for an original type ball to a 6 paneled ball for indoor soccer. A ball with fewer panels is more aerodynamic and faster and a ball with more panels is more controllable and playable.

Pick A Right Brand

The quality standard holds the utmost significance in the football and it can only be achieved if you are picking a right brand. A right brand offering the sports products is a combination of quality and the cost-effective products and lets you experience the best sports’ products. So choosing a right sports brand which suits your taste and needs, must be picked.

While thinking of the football, the only thing which revolves in my mind is my childhood and it is quite nostalgic to know that somehow Football has made me travel to my old self from my childhood days, when I ran from shop to shop with my father to get the best football to land in my room and then to the playground. I remember while looking for the best football, my father only trusted one name- Cosco, in the sports industry and it was nothing less than a surprise, but the same Cosco Football still exists in my home. 

If you are wondering that why am I recommending the Cosco, then you need to comprehend that Cosco is a premier brand, which is a leading name in every Indian household and is certified by the FIFA. Cosco has earned the title of the Golden Status Export House and is exponentially crossing the ladder of success. So getting your very first football from Cosco, is a winning situation for you, wherein you would experience the best quality standard and the reasonable price tag to come along with the Cosco Delta Football.

So instead of wasting your efforts and money in the wrong football brand and Football Stores in India, you must get in touch with the Cosco and Buy Football accessories to experience the difference.

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Football is a game which requires passion, energy, and zest to be a part of it and not just the players but the football fans also relish the football experience. The fans always cheer the team and set the temperature high in the football ground, and fans do express their admiration for the football with the football accessories, which are adorned by the fans of different age groups to show their respect and love for their respective football teams, while playing and practicing their favorite football game.

Football accessories let the players, fan and the football lovers to enjoy the intricacies of the football game with the best and durable products to rejoice the best practices of the football game and ensure to give the safety and protection while admiring the football game playing tactics. The football accessories must be of good quality, so the player would not experience anything worst or severe consequences, due to the breakage of the accessories.

It is very exciting to know that the every year and in every season, the football accessories have gone through a major make-over, and are turning better than their previous versions and are becoming a very much part of the football industry to make a difference and turning the very much part of the football game in today’s time. There are various types of football accessories are available in the market, but unfortunately, not every football accessories which comes, offer the best quality product with the reasonable price, rather these products are made up of low-grade material with the burning price tags, so in order to ease down your pain and helping you in getting the best football accessories, we have brought you some of the football accessories which can be availed from Cosco and you can experience the magnificent world of football effortlessly.

Washable shinguard with foam protection- It is durable and lightweight, these guards offer a flexible shell stay securely in place and provide enhanced protection. This shin guard is available only with Cosco and the velcro closure lets you conveniently adjust to get a customized fit

Nylon net- Cosco offers the most unique and distinguished Nylon Net, which is stringently tested on numerous predefined parameters, so you can get the best quality net as per your need.

Glove- These gloves are engineered knit back, and have lightweight ventilation, with a hook-and-loop wrist closure for a personalized fit, the full-length silicon palms for enhanced grip and the strategically placed overlays at fingertips help keep the glove in place.

These are some of the accessories offered by the Cosco, wherein you can Buy Football Equipment, and Buy Football accessories from a very trusted and the leading sports accessories manufacturer in India. The nature of football puts a huge amount of strain on specific muscle groups, and if these muscles are not completely protected while it can lead to some of the most severe consequences, so the quality of the football accessories needs to be of high-quality and must serve the purpose well. Cosco is a known name in the sports industry and there is much more to be explored further with Cosco, and you can buy Football of the best quality from one of the top Football stores in India, and that is none other than Cosco.

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Delhi, India – 21st September 2017

HT GIFA powered by Cosco is back with a big bang this year with Akshay Kumar rising the football fever higher. HT GIFA- Great Indian Football Action is Delhi NCR's biggest neighborhood football tournament for kids. The opening ceremony of the fourth season was experienced by the 5000 attendees with the excitement peeking out from everyone due to the breathtaking music and dance acts that made the extravaganza to be cherished forever.

To make the opening ceremony GRAND, the Bollywood’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar attended the ceremony as a Special Guest, who motivated the attendees, since he himself is a sports freak and unleashed the Cup of Dreams. The Fourth Season of HT GIFA has the every bit of energy installed within the strongest participation, intense rivalry, sportsmanship, great scores and there is a lot you can witness at HT GIFA this year since it is officially sponsored by Cosco.

Cosco- a leading name in the sports manufacturer, is the official sponsor of HT GIFA, which is going to kick-start its Fourth-year tournament from 30th September 2017. The association with Cosco is a remarkable partnership since Cosco is the original and premier provider of Cosco Football and Cosco Platina Football in India and are the pioneers leading the way in the sports accessories industry. Cosco runs on the ideology of innovative minds to bring the exciting range of sports industry products and the unbeatable quality standards make you get everything you ever need for the perfect sports experience. Cosco indeed has heavily upskilled their customer service training to provide a seamless sports experience to every sports lover.

The inauguration ceremony of HT GIFA- Powered by Cosco, also had witnessed the consecutive stupendous performances from the Delhi-Based Multi-Genre band Astitva and Zenith Dance Troupe, which kept the audience groove on the music and stay entertained.

In this digital era, wherein kids skip the outdoor games more frequently, and invest their passion and creativity only stuck in the Mobile games, which is leading to the hazardous effects on health, an event like HT GIFA, is a blessing indeed, which is gearing up the kids to pick and kick the football hardest in the playground. The same message was shared by the Special Guest Akshay Kumar, during the opening ceremony of HT GIFA powered by Cosco that fitness is the most important aspect of your health and life and you must not ignore it, his words eventually made the crowd cheer up aloud.

If you want to grab the further action from the Grand event, then you can get in touch with Cosco team- an official sponsor for HT GIFA and beat the heat of Football with our little munchkins.


Delhi, India – September 2017                                                                    

Cosco, the leading manufacturer of Sports Goods in India today is proud to be acknowledged by a leading news channel CNBC Awaaz by the stock exchange guru Sandeep Jain on 29th Aug 2017.

“We are thrilled to know our stocks are improving in the stock exchange and a leading Stock exchange expert is sharing his views about the Cosco”, says CEO of Cosco Pvt. Ltd. “Our passion and dedication to making quality sports goods are already well known. It’s an honor to be recognized by a popular news channel.”

As per Sandeep Jain, “Cosco is a brand which is a known name in every Indian household, and is certified by the FIFA, it is established in 1980, and it has gained the title of the Golden Status Export House, and in the last 3 years company has gained the net profit of 135%, and there is a remarkable growth of 15-20% in turnover every year. In the coming days it would be more beneficial for Cosco, since it is a branded company in the organized sector and GST would work in its favor. During the last quarter, Cosco has given the profit of 3.25 crore and it is predicted that Cosco India would give 140-150 crore turnover in the coming year with 12-15 crore net profit”, he continued his statement with. “ Cosco India would be a multi bagger soon and in the next 6-9 months INR 400 target would be achieved, since the other fundamentals, like return on capital and dead equity ratio is supporting this growth well.”

Cosco India was the Value Pick of the day by Sandeep Jain, and at Cosco, we pride ourselves on crafting unique one-of-a-kind sports goods for personal and commercial usage. Cosco is committed towards constant endeavor to provide & delight consumers with New and Innovative Products having a better Design, Engineering, and Aesthetic appeal. Also worth to mention Cosco has carved a niche for itself by producing good quality sport and fitness equipment.

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“I have paid the yearly Gym membership, but unable to go”…isn’t it quite obvious fact, you get to hear in your vicinity almost every day, and this is not the outcome of any superfluous excuse, but it is the most common condition in today’s time, wherein people get the gym membership, but miss the opportunity to attend the gym quite frequently. The education and the awareness has made people well-informed, so they are able to take the required measures to manage their health conditions, but the demanding lifestyle takes a toll on their wish-list.

Medical experts suggest that the sedentary lifestyle leads to some of the most chronic diseases, so escaping the risk-factors is the only choice we all have to take to lead a healthy life. The relevance of healthy life is not to be avoided at any cost, but the hustle-bustle of cities and the traffic congestion leave most of us with no energy to go to the gym for an after office-workout. These unfortunate instances are some of the most prominent features of a life in the city and cannot be shrugged off, but at the same time, you need to pay attention to your health as well, which is more precious than another thing. So the answer for your all stressful questions is nothing but a Home Gym. Yes, you heard me right, a home gym which is a replica of your gym, but comes at your convenience, where you can access the best gym equipment and maintain your health.

The convenience is undeniably the most prominent feature of the Home Gym, which lets you do work out at any point of time, without wasting the time in the commuting. We all comprehend very well, the significance of exercise, and how it helps our body and mind to rejuvenate, so a healthy life can be our destination and a home Gym with all the required fitness equipment reduces the chances of skipping the workout and it does not conflict with our schedule.

But the another most important fact which is associated with the quest of getting the Gym  Equipment India, it is indeed a point to be considered, since not many gym accessories India are not quality laden and are way too much expensive, to burn a hole in the pocket. While looking for the Exercise Equipment India, I looked out at many options, but was unable to find the one, which could fit into my requirement basket, but at last one name crossed my vision, which is the perfect combination of quality and affordability, and the name is COSCO- one of the best gym equipment manufacturers in India, wherein you can get all types of Commercial Gym Equipment and Home Gym Equipment to help you avoid the every possible reason to come between you and your health.

 A home gym with the right set of gym accessories let you experience a workout with the 100% possibilities to stay fit. So I think you should not waste any further moment and must get the best home gym equipment from the leading gym equipment manufacturers in India, where you can buy the best home gym accessories and manage your health.

If you want to get in touch with Cosco, you can visit at and make a difference to your health regime.

‘Health is wealth’ this adage is quite popular and clearly speaks that without health, the wealth or the worldly aspects bear no significance. It would be futile to mention, that no matter how much you earn it is your health at the end which matters most. I consider this fact little too seriously, and since I work with a corporate so I am not left with enough time to give it to my health, just like me there are numerous people, who are jam-packed with their daily working schedule and are willing to give some time to their health and fitness, but unable to.

Last month, while munching on that grilled burger, during my break time, I just realized that it is the high-time for me to opt for the ways to maintain my health, but even when I tried a lot, I could not maintain the daily schedule for gym sessions, which brought me more depression than any satisfaction, I discussed this issue with my office -friend, and he suggested me to opt for a home gym option, at first I couldn't understand the concept behind the home-gym, but sooner I realized, I found it to be a good option, which fits my daily working schedule, and I was not bound anymore to adhere to the timings of gyms, but I could initiate my training session as and when I would get the time.

But the next big thing on my plan was to buy the home gym equipment, which was supposed to be of good quality and economical, but finding both the aspects under one roof, seemed impossible to me,  after I searched for a couple of weeks, then my same friend suggested me a company which is providing the world-class quality best Gym Equipment at the affordable cost, and the company name is Cosco- top gym equipment manufacturers in India, on hearing this name, my all childhood memories revisited me, since I had been using Cosco cricket ball, tennis ball and football since the very early years of my life, and I could not resist the quality and the affordability factors imbibed with Cosco, and luckily they are still the very much part of the brand.

It would be worthless to mention that today, my all home Gym Equipments are the out product of Cosco, and the products are really worth to be bought. If you want you can also buy the gym Equipment India, Exercise Equipment India, Commercial Gym Equipment from Cosco, which is offering the fitness equipment India and gym accessories India at the most affordable cost. Today I am able to perform my daily fitness regime at my convenience in my home gym, and I am happily able to adjust the daily working schedule with my fitness routine, and none gets affected.

I know we all want to remain fit, since fitness is not just to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the body, but it helps the body to function accurately so we can live a healthy life, a life which is the combination of health and the fitness, so if you too are unable to get the best Gym Equipment to start your fitness regime at your home gym, then you no need to wait any longer, and can simply get in touch with the Cosco team, to get the best home Gym Equipment and gym accessories India.

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Your step by step guide to buying the best basketball hoop

Step 2 (Rims): Have you ever seen a basketball player hanging on to the basket? He is holding the rim. Without a rim that is of superior quality, one can’t afford to do that. You get standard rims which were the first to come, then we got exposed spring breakaway rims and then enclosed spring breakaway springs. The most used ones are the second and the third types owing to their flexibility. However, you want it for a low price and regular shots, this one will suffice. Enclosed spring breakaway rims are used for high-end playing and in tournaments of a higher level.

Step 4 (Backboard support): Again, this element depends on your utility of the hoops. If it is for professional use, you need the best support and if for play on your home ground, you can go for the less expensive support.

Whether you are willing to buy for your home or for your team who is going to play at the state or national level, this guide should be an eye opener so that you are not duped by retailers when you go to buy one of them. 

A strong foundation keeps your house strong and untouchable by any external force for long. In a similar way, if you don’t want to break any of the 206 bones in you, a good basketball pole is a must. Basketball fans will understand the pain one has to go through in dribbling the basketball to make it to the basket. What if the pole doesn’t support you? It can have many consequences that no one wants to face. It is imperative to have the best poles for basketball in terms of size, shape, type etc. There are three important tips that you can follow for getting the best one for your court. As online shopping has gotten more popular with the comfort level and best price taking over the market, we shall look into the online purchase tips.

3 Tips for choosing a basketball pole online

  • The shape of the pole: As the pole comes in four typical shapes viz. rectangle, square, round and triangle. The most used ones are round and square. To choose one of the two depends on your use. Are you using the basketball equipment for home use or some professional training purpose? If it is for home and you don’t want to keep the budget strict, round poles can come handy. For professional use or for a ground that is used many players, the square pole will be more suitable as it is stronger and stiffer. However, the price will be on the higher side.
  • The size of the pole: The size of the poles is another important aspect to consider while buying your much needed basketball pole online. While the size of the round pole can vary from 2.75 inches to 3.5 inches in diameter, the square pole 4x4 to 8x8. Bigger the size, more stable will be your basketball system as you need to consider the basketball board, basketball hoop etc. that go on the pole. You don’t want to pay less and get something that is less durable.

  • Choose a Good Pole Pad: When a basketball player is close to the pole for his or her basket which is crucial for the team to win, safety also should be a priority. The poles can hurt and when it is a square one, the pain can be doubled. It is advisable that you have pole pads of superior quality so that no one is hurt.

As it is going to be an online purchase, do check the reviews by customers and specifications of the pole.

While you have considered the top three tips, one thing to always keep in mind is the type of pole. Never go for a pole that comes in several pieces and you need to join them to get one basketball pole. Cosco India and top brands of sports equipment recommend one piece pole for longer sustainability.

For basketball pole, you should never compromise on the price. The more you spend the better quality pole you get and that should be the motive. A game of basketball without a strong pole can be a spoiler.

With the growing demand of kettlebell exercises in the workout regime, many have taken to buying kettlebell online and from other stores in the locality. Cosco, India has been consistent in delivering quality exercise accessories and therefore can be trusted for the best value for money. While buying is the first step to making the plan successful, beginning with the exercise is the essential part. Beginners will need some guidance on how to use this tool in a workout.

Kettlebells exercises for beginners to start with

  • The Swing: This one is the first step if you’re a beginner and excellence in this is the stepping stone to a more complicated step. Stand with your toes pointed and lift the kettlebell or kettlebells. If you want to start with one, you may do so. Start swinging the kettlebell back and forth. Doing this, your arms should be loose and not restricted. Try this for 5 to 10 minutes for the next 6 to 7 days.Kettlebell swing exercise is the ABC that you need to master first.
  • Goblet Squat: This is just the normal squat. The only difference is that you have your companion kettlebell with you this time. Stand as though you are standing for squat bending your back and your toes lifted. Now start squatting with the kettlebell being held by you in a manner that your hands are vertical. You can repeat this for 10 times. You can also do the single arm squat if you want it to be more intense.
  • Hip Halo: Simple in nature but quite effective for the perfect kettlebell workout. Hold the kettlebell in one hand and stand straight. Try moving it in a circular shape around the hip. Repeat this movement on the other side.
  • Squat Thruster:Squat Thruster demands that you hold two kettlebells by their horns and take them close to your chin ensuring that the elbows are pointed outside. Now, you need to bend forward and as you bend, take those kettlebells over your head while you stand. Repeat this for 5 to 6 times.

These exercises should be enough if you are a beginner because if you tend to extend the intensity, you might get exhausted and give up on doing. Take baby steps so that you enjoy doing the kettlebell exercises and see the transformation of the body happening gradually. There will be strength building up and making you stronger and endurance ability higher than what it used to be. You will find a drastic change in what your stamina was and what it has become now.

With new tools come new possibilities and trying these simple exercises with your cute kettlebells, you will fall in love with the possibilities that you are about to explore henceforth. 

It is hard to believe but kettlebells make for the most effective exercise tool that one can have for optimal fitness. It is a versatile tool that can be used not just in one way but various ways for getting you in shape. This makes it the equipment worth investing on. Anything for fitness, isn’t it? This is one of the best things so far. Kettlebell workout has helped many in fitting into their old clothes and look young once again. Five benefits that one can’t ignore about kettlebells will be explored further.

Why is kettlebell the perfect tool for optimal fitness?

Well, as they say something that may be small may not smaller in functionality and that goes absolutely right with this comparatively tiny yet powerful hand tool.

Best for Cardio and muscle training: With kettlebells in your hand, you won’t be wrong if you say that “I can be fitter and hotter again”. It is believed that cardio training is an essential part of every exercise regime. Kettlebell exercises are the need of the hour and everyone finds cardio training look simpler with it. The effect is just mind blowing.

Easy to carry anywhere: When you go to a distant and remote place for some “Me time”, what do you do to accomplish your exercise routine when you find no gym nearby? Moreover, you can’t even carry your treadmill wherever you go unless you are travelling by a truck that you own. You have the power in your hand.

Dumbbells versus kettlebells: Dumbbells are the traditional tools while the kettlebell workout for men and women are new to the conventional routine and creating a sensation with its effect on everyone in the quickest time possible. While the former can give you a good warm up and help in other core training, kettlebells are themselves hardcore trainings.

Swing your way to Fitness: You never knew swinging could make you so fit. Kettlebell swing exercises are the best to accelerate the heart beat and improve core strength of the body. Your blood circulation is improved thereby making your health consistent and body toned. By just swinging the kettlebell, if one gets so much, who wouldn’t want to try this amazing product? It is new and trending for its ease of use and great in use. When we were children, we loved swinging; now we are grown up for the most effective kettlebell swing.

To begin with so much possibility of kettlebells, you will need to master the art of swinging the tool. Post you master the skill, you will know your way out to endless regimes that you may try and get the desired fitness. Cosco, India has some of the best kettlebells online if you wish to make a purchase.

It improves your strength, helps to do cardio, endures your strength and your muscles get the needed move. With one tool, you get multiple benefits and that too with so much ease and comfort of using it anywhere. It definitely is one exercise tool that you can’t do without if you get used to it. 

This summer is particularly killing and if you’re dying in the heat as much as I am, you should definitely consider undertaking swimming. It won’t make you sweat like a pig like every other form of exercise in this weather and at the same time will keep you active and help you build your stamina. Swimming is also incredibly fun and joyful, ensuring you’re not easily bored with your workouts and this way you can maintain an active lifestyle. If these reasons are not enough to convince you to start swimming, read our list to know more.

  • Swimming is the perfect calorie burner.

Are you worried that munching down on those extra chocolate bars and guzzling down beers is going to make you fat? Well it probably will, unless you decide to go swimming and burn off those extra calories. An hour of swimming can help you burn more than five hundred calories and you continue to burn calories even once you exit the pool because swimming actually increases your metabolism levels!


  • Swimming is an inexpensive sport.

You don’t need to invest in any gear to swim except your swim suit and a swimming cap, you can easily buy an inexpensive swim cap at Cosco and you’re ready to hit the pool! There is a lot of other swimming gear you can buy but that completely depends on your budget.

cosco link 


  • Swimming helps you increase your body flexibility.

Because of the buoyancy of the pool water, the force of gravity is counteracted on your muscles and bones. This is why swimming is a form of low impact exercise that lets you relax your muscles. Relaxed muscles lead to increased flexibility. The range of motions required to swim, further stretch out your muscles, making you healthier.


  • Swimming helps you shape-up and tone your muscles.

You have to move both your hands and legs to propel forward in the pool, pushing aside water while doing so. This helps in increasing your muscle strength and actually shaping your body to give you a leaner swimmers body. 

  • Swimming actually helps reduce stress levels!

You can just disappear under water while swimming without any noise or disturbance from the outer world. You have zero interaction with any form of technology, leaving your mind completely free to wander off. This will naturally help with your stress levels because even if it’s just for an hour a day, you can just let everything go.


  • You don’t need to a team to take up this sport!

You don’t need a buddy of team mate to go swimming. You can very well go swimming by yourself and therefore there is no need to rely on anyone else. This definitely increases the appeal of this sport because you can do it at your own time and convenience.


  • Anyone can take-up swimming regardless of their age or weight.

You don’t have retire from swimming unlike other sports and the impact on your muscles doesn’t stress them out over a period of time so you can actually keep swimming no matter how old you are! Swimming is also the best form of workout for you if you’re over-weight because the buoyancy of the water makes you feel lighter and makes your workouts easier.



  • Swimming makes you feel lighter, almost like flying.

We haven’t built the technology to let individuals fly yet so swimming is the next best thing. Swimming also releases endorphins into your blood stream making you happier and calmer, so put on a pair of goggles from Cosco, just float in water and pretend to fly.

Many find it easy to skate inline when compared to roller skating. It is easier because inline skates are easier to balance on and quick to learn. For inline skaters, there’s not much of a difference in instruction. It is quite the same; however, a basic guide can be helpful for those passionate about it but are absolutely clueless.

The beginner’s guide

  • Inline skates that fit you perfectly: Get the inline skates for your match. Don’t compromise for a low-quality skate as there might be challenges your way when you do so. If a kid is showing interest, there are inline skates for kids too. You may find various types available in the market. Opt for the multi-purpose when you are learning. You will get various options for inline skates price but settle for the best only.
  • Headgear: Well, inline skate although easy can cause harm if your feet lose the balance. It is imperative that you have the best quality helmet for the protection of your head. Go for the CPSC certified or Consumer Product Safety Commission-certified for that added protection.
  • Dress to protect your body: When you are inline skating, you have more probability of hurting your body. Why not wear clothes that give you protection from scratches and wounds?
  • Practice Nearby: Don’t go too far to practise. You need to close to friends and family when you have just begun learning. Practising on higher altitude is also not recommended at this stage. Gain confidence and known all the tricks to go that far in the sport. Take baby steps to take the bigger step later.
  • Fall but don’t fall: Well, every skater falls and there is no doubt about it. What makes the difference is the landing. When you know that you are about to fall, shape your body in such a way that your protections pads do their work. You need to get up and start again. You don’t want to fall and fall in bed for weeks.
  • Safety is the first priority: Once you have learned everything about inline skating, you will have the urge of skating even on roads. Everyone does, you can do it too but for your own safety. Be slow, have the protection gear on and pads worn properly.

By now, you must have made up your mind on buying one of the best inline skates. Price shouldn’t bother you as Cosco, India’s brand has the legacy of retailing sports equipment for decades. You won’t be disappointed in getting the trusted inline skating kit.

You need something stylish and comfortable to wear. How about the picture below? 

Get rolling with the best inline skates but mind you, don’t let excitement overtake your passion.

In skating over thin ice our safety is in our speed” by Ralph Waldo Emerson is a reflection of what we mean. 

Roller skating is a sport that everyone wants to try but a few can master the art. It is a sport that needs perfection in balancing the body on the roller skates. Although appears to be fun and easy, it is with a lot of practice that you see one doing stunts. If you are one of the aspirants to inculcate the skills in excelling roller skating, you need to tame your skates. How do you do that? There are five simple steps that you must follow to acquire the requisite skills.

5 Proven steps that you need to follow

A portion of dedication and a portion of regularity will help you get there where you want.

Step 1: The first step is about collecting the equipment required to start your roller skating practice. Get a protective skating kit because it is your initial phase of learning. You need that extra cautiousness so that you don’t get hurt. Tumbling and rolling on the skating ground are quite common. Be ready for them. Basically, the first step is about getting your skates. Online purchase can also be done. Have a look at this great looking roller skate by Cosco, India.

Step 2: Learn the first step to roller skating. Gliding is what everyone calls it. The trick is to push the board with one foot and glide with another. How easy it is, isn’t it? Let me tell you, it is not everyone’s cup of tea unless practised for approximately two to three hours every morning or evening. For this, you can have a pair of fine skating shoes that will make the process easier.

Step 3: You expertise in driving a car shows when you know how to put the brake. Similarly, when you are learning roller skating, learn how to stop when you want. This is how you learn the control over it.

Step 4: Practice makes a man perfect. Step 4 is the step when you need to start revising and practising all the previously learned tricks regularly. A sport doesn’t come easy. With more practice, you become more proficient.

Step 5: There is no point in learning a game unless you join a club or a local team that will make you learn more from the experienced and professionals. Once you have joined such professional teams, you will have more exposure to the world of skating or for that matter any sport.

Follow these steps step by step so that you own the game and make yourself proud. Well, someone who learns a sport definitely wants to be like one sports star. So be one and shine bright.

Any sport can be mastered if there are passion and practice. There is no short cut to success. Extreme talent amalgamated with focus will help you in realising your dream of being an ace roller skater that your region will talk about. You never know if the consistency persists, the world will know you.

You might not think of skating when you think of fitness and getting into shape but you will be surprised by the health benefits skating has to offer. Yes, that’s right, skating can actually help you lose weight! The best part about skating is that you can buy skates for as low as Rs. 750 from Cosco which means you don’t need to spend massive chunks of money to undertake this sport. Skating regularly is one of the healthier workout options out there and it definitely has a great number of advantages.


  • Skating helps you build on your motor skills and balance.

Your balance affects how you handle yourself in your everyday activities such as walking, jogging and other sports activities. Having a good balance is essential to reduce the amount of energy you consume to do daily chores. Balance is one of the key factors of being a good skater and once you take up skating there’s no doubt you’ll grasp it eventually.


Skating makes you meet a completely new clique of people who have different kinds of interests.

Once you undertake skating you’re bound to meet new people who are skaters and this will lead to you making numerous new friends. You will also land up talking to more people about your hobbies as a skater which make you more interesting to talk to.


  • Skating can also be used as a mode of transportation.

Now this may not be your best option in a country like India where the roads have more than a few potholes but once you’re a pro at skating, you can definitely commute small distances on your skate board or roller skate wherever necessary and save a few bucks of transportation. 


Skating teaches you perseverance.

Skating is hard work and learning tricks on your skateboard can take months if not years. It is even possible that you might learn a trick one day but won’t be able to replicate it the next. You then learn that certain things are worth it even though it might take you a long time to master them. 


Skating helps you build muscle definition.

Skating will not only help you lose weight but also help you build muscles if you take up this activity on a regular basis. Your leg muscles will become well defined over a period of time because of the twists and turns you make while on your skateboard.


Skating will definitely help you uplift your mood.

Have you ever seen a person on a skateboard or roller skating frowning? Of course not! This is because skating liberates you and makes you feel free. Skating helps you clear your mind and focus on your tricks and technique. It also helps release endorphins into your blood stream, making you a more jovial person. 


Roller skating prevents joint injuries.

You might fall and scrape your knees and bruise your arms while skating but it is a known fact that skating is actually much better for your joints as compared to walking and jogging. Also you can always prevent yourself against these minor injuries by securing a protective kit and helmet from Cosco.

Cosco link


Skating helps you make a fashion statement.

If you love dressing up in stylish clothes and setting yourself apart from the crowd, take up skateboarding. Skate boarders have a distinct sense of style and always make a fashion statement wherever they go. If these are not reasons enough to undertake skating then I don’t know what are!


Kids love trampoline and so do the adults. Trampolining is a great start to a boring day. The fun one can have while being on a trampoline is the fun that will be so addictive that you wouldn’t want to get off it even when your favorite brunch has been served on the table. Trampoline jumping is a great mini adventure plan for a family that will be fruitful. You already have a trampoline at home and using it religiously for both fun and health benefits, you should be knowledgeable of the accessories that you need to have for a secure landing.

Trampoline accessories that should be considered like the way you consider trampoline prices

Trampoline ladder: This one for the kids especially who might falter while climbing on the trampoline and more than your baby you are hurt. Get this excellent trampoline ladder that will ensure that your baby is climbing carefully and with ease. If you have a jumpking trampoline, your kid is safe enough. But with this ladder reaching the surface can be quite convenient.


Trampoline tent: Apart from jumping and leading a healthy life, you can get this trampoline tent which forms a cover enclosing the trampoline from all sides and making it a space that is perfect for playing other games within, sitting together, and sleeping at times. Isn’t it fun unlimited?

Safety enclosures: Be it the best cheap trampolines or the most expensive one, you will want a trampoline that is safe when you are jumping over the surface. It is mainly for adults who have the tendency to fall off owing to lack of control on the body weight. Safety measures aren’t bad when you are looking for uninterrupted sessions of adventure with the family.

Surface area: Do you like a couch that doesn’t feel comfortable? Trampoline games will be no pleasant if the padding of the surface is stiff. Leave about games. Will your kids be happy playing? You know it better than I do. A bouncy padding serves the purpose and keeps your back from any injury.

Many have fractured their hips and legs due to a bad choice or no choice of accessories at all. Once the accessories have been finalized, look at the material used. Is it skin friendly? Will it survive the scorching heat of the sun? Will the evergreen color never fade? Check the brand. The brand name is an important factor in decision making. Cosco India, for instance, is the name of the brand that is associated with any sports or health accessories. Any product with the name of that brand on it gives is the confidence of the product being a combination of quality and reliability.

It is no different when you are buying any of the accessories of bungee trampoline or trampoline for kids. Poking nose into neighbors is not a great idea; however, if your neighbor has a trampoline, you can care to share some gossip in exchange of good advice on trampoline accessories.

Get the best accessories and have an excellent experience while trampolining.

People want to have trampolines at home but for many reasons, they withdraw the decision for something else. There are many myths that people have about trampoline exercises. Many believe it to be an object of only fun. That’s not true. There are many health benefits that one can get from jumpking trampoline and bungee trampoline.

Every machine and equipment has facts that we tend to ignore and go by the rumors we hear. It is good to listen to all but blind faith? Really, you get persuaded so easily? Trampolines too have facts that every trampoline buyer should know before dropping the idea. 

6 essential trampolining facts

  • 1. Trampolines are not meant to be toys for kids: Well, this is true that it is the best thing a child can have but considering it a toy is wrong. It is one of the best play equipment that does play a vital role in making a child healthier and fitter.
  • 2. The best way to experience the Law of Gravity: Trampoline for kids or for adults is the best one can have for experiencing Newton’s law of gravitational pull. Kids love to jump and that is true even for adults. Letting your body fall from a height without the fear of being hurt is what trampoline jumps can assure you of.
  • 3. Trampolines don’t ruin the look of your garden; While some like to have mini trampolines within the four walls, other prefer keeping Trampoline in the garden. A few of them fear that a trampoline might spoil the overall look of the garden but that’s not true. A garden looks better plus there will be more use of the garden now.
  • 4. They are not dangerous by make: Yes, many have made a mockery of the trampoline by falling off it for their own fault. If proper care is taken and enclosures fitted, it becomes a safe mini park for everyone.
  • 5. Exercise with more excitement: One task that people need to be highly motivated to start with is exercise. The trampoline can be used for jumping and exercising and making the most of it to leading a healthy life. No one will be forced to exercise. It works like a magnet.
  • 6. Age is never a factor: People are shy trampolining. They think it is a platform that is meant for kids. Are you aware of the parks that have trampolines for adults to come and jump? If not, please invest time in little research as trampolining is the best cardio one can do.

There is no way trampoline should be underestimated. Trampoline exercises are growing on health enthusiasts for a fun and effective way of maintaining a healthy life. Mommies and girls willing to look like the Fashion TV models, slim and trim can try trampoline jumps at home and see the change in a few weeks. Cosco India also encourages the use of trampoline.

Facts are for you to accept and rumors are for you to research and scrutinize. Have your facts clear and verified before concluding anything.

Do you love to swim and have this fetish of buying swimming caps and goggles? Is your wardrobe filled with many options and yet you have no clue which one to wear. That is because you haven’t found the right set of caps and goggles for the purpose of swimming. Well, before the tips are shortlisted, have you tried Cosco swimming goggles? Cosco, India is a name you can trust for the best swimming accessories in the market. Have a look at these goggles. Isn’t it cute? 

Tips on Buying the Best Goggles and Caps for Swimming

  • Material: Not all swimming accessories are 100% waterproof. What’s the point in buying swimming equipment that can’t provide the required protection? For example, if you buy a cap that soaks water and wets your hair, is there any utility? You can get custom swim caps from stores as per your need. Ensure that the material is high-end one and 100% waterproof for sure.
  • Age factor: Are you interested in kids swim cap or the best swimming goggles for your spouse? Check the age recommended for the choice. This is more applicable for kids. They grow at a faster pace and depending on every age group; you can choose the best one. It is recommended that you try on the caps and goggles before you make the purchase.
  • Purpose: Well, whatever is the purpose, no compromise with hair and eyes! They are precious and can’t be taken a chance with. You are an amateur swimmer or a professional, that doesn’t really matter. Get only the best product that serves the purpose of safeguarding your hair and eyes effectively.

Swimming is an aristocratic sport and hobby. You will, however, get accessories at a cheaper price and also at a higher price. It is your discretion to what you want to consider. Few years down the line, you don’t want to take chance with your hair and eyes.

Men’s swimming goggles and women’s swimming goggles are easily available in every sports accessories store. Online shopping is getting more hype too. The choice is yours.

No accident with the hair or eyes should instill fear in your for further swimming sessions. It should be continued for lifelong. Be careful with what you choose.

We all loved swimming when we were young. This is one sport that is loved by almost all age group for the joy and pleasure it showers one with apart from the benefits of getting slimmer. You may be lazy, a couch potato, but trust me when it comes to swimming, you will make all the efforts to reach the pool in style. Your favorite swimming goggles will be fetched and so will your best swim cap.

A person in love with swimming can never forget these two most important accessories that add to style for sure but what matters is the safety of one. 

How to look good and be safe at the same time?

When one goes swimming, he or she wants to wear the best of the accessories and costume for a swim that is safe and also make you feel extremely confident. No one is confident swimming in a costume that is not well fitted and has a material that makes you feel heavier. Similarly, if the goggles and the caps that swimmers wear are not perfect in terms of fitting and comfort; the swim can get harder than expected. Buy swimming goggles that are from brands like Cosco India, known for quality and impeccable designs.

It is important that your toddlers or children are safe from the depth of the pool or for that matter the chemical used to keep the water fit for swimming.


A few accessories that can be used for kids and adults that work both ways: adding style and keeping one safe

Swim caps: Goggles are essential item to have. After that comes kids swim cap and also caps for adults. This will safeguard the hair from being exposed to the harsh chemicals used in the pool.

Floaters for arms: These may not be stylish but definitely look cute on children. Having these accessories mean help in keeping the children away from any accident that may take place in the pool. It is advisable for beginners to wear them without a miss.

Cover up: In order to protect the skin from tanning, use sunscreen regularly. It is important to reapply every three hours. At times, it gets impossible to do so. Swimming can uncover your body of the sunscreen sooner than usual. Cover up over swimming costume is an option that can help.

Swimming can be treated as a fashionable sport or a sport for instant weight loss regime. What should be taken care of while going out swimming is the safety of everyone? It is not a dangerous sport but a sport that hampers your hair and skin with constant contact with chlorinated water.

Go to your favorite pool and have fun with friends and families without the fear of damaging your hair and skin. Children are more vulnerable to the pressure of water. Keep a close watch on them even though you have the floaters to protect them from drowning.

Precaution is better than cure and this applies here perfectly.

Trampoline exercises are the fun ways of getting fitter and healthier. People do drag themselves from the bed for the gym or other extensive exercises. Trampoline, on the other hand, drags you towards them. There are many benefits and advantages that one can easily gain from trampoline jumping. You have never experienced the Gravitational force in this manner ever. 

Benefits and Advantages of Trampoline Exercises

1. Rebounding for losing weight: Most of the people go jogging with a very high expectation that “zero figure” or “macho body” is soon to come their way. Rebounding on a trampoline can help lose more weight than what jogging does.

2. Rebounding for detoxification: It is necessary for the detoxification of our body from waste products and toxins. Trampoline exercises can be beneficial to a great extent.

3. Better Immunity of the family: What can be a better way of improving the immunity of the family than jumping and exercising on a trampoline? It is a perfect amalgamation of fun and health.

4. Get that perfect Body: Many of us crave to have that perfect body with the help of extensive exercises. We hardly knew that trampoline can make you slimmer, attain better postures and balance of the body. You will be a powerful person in the making.

5. Kill those Cancer Cells: Cancerous cells can be killed with the help of lymphatic fluid and this fluid circulation in the body can be improved to a higher level by exercising on a trampoline.

6. Benefits Autistic Children: Autism doesn’t have any cure as such. Trampoline jumping helps an autistic child improve the motor skills in an autistic child. Many parents have opted for this as one of the main activities for children suffering from autism. To their utter surprise, there has been an immense improvement.

There is no specific exercise on a trampoline. It is rebounding that does all the magic. Don’t believe it? Ask, Cosco India. They recommend Trampoline exercises for better and healthier lifestyle.

There are a few safety measures that one should take before jumping and rolling on a trampoline. Let us learn of the safety measures for all age group.

1. For kids: Ensure there are enclosures, handle-bars and softer padding for kids so that there are no reasons for the kids to get hurt.

2. For Adults: People with obesity should be extra cautious in letting the trampoline take the body weight. It can be a blunder if the weight management isn’t appropriate. There may be people with weaker hearts that can’t handle the adrenaline rush. Care must be taken with such people too.

It is always advisable that trampoline jumps are done under the supervision of elders or a companion. No one should be left alone with the trampoline. Risks don’t come knocking.

Health benefits are many that trampoline jumping can gift you. A little care with safety measures can add a sense of security to the fun one can have high up in the air and get a good bounce on the surface. 

Want to have some fun time with kids? Get a trampoline that will make each of you a jumping jack and bring fun to your boring Sundays. Trampoline jumping can be beneficial to keep you and your children fitter and more active. If you are geared up, let’s look at the essential tips to buying a Trampoline.

Top 10 tips before considering Trampoline prices

1. Size matters: If the trampoline will be used by only your children, you need to find a size that fits them perfectly. Mini Trampoline will be an ideal choice. Whereas, if the family wants to dive into it, a bigger size will do the job. You don’t want to pile on one another. Fun and safety should be the idea.

2. Enclosures: Accidents can happen although jumping from a height to bounce back is the pivotal idea. To avoid incidents of falling off the trampoline while jumping, you will have to look for one with enclosures.

3. Surface Area: As trampoline is meant for jumping, in order to ensure that the jump is stable, the surface area should have matt finish.

4. Manufacturer: It is easier to be lured by trampolines for sale. You will no doubt to jump the gun and choose one out of the lot. Did you check the manufacturer? It is a popular name that promises durability and safety measures? These are important questions to ask.

5. Handle Bars for Kids: If you are looking to buy a trampoline for kids, handle bars are a must. Kids can be over excited on trampoline and love trampoline games. Handle-bars will keep them secure and safe from any unfortunate accident that may take place otherwise.

6. Weight Management System: How would it be if you buy a trampoline that doesn’t support the weight? You can never jump on your back because if you do, you will hurt your bum. Always look for a trampoline that supports everyone’s weight.

7. Availability of Spare Parts: When you decide on buying a trampoline, it is needless to say that you will look for the easy availability of the parts if any of them goes dysfunctional in the long run. Spending on another trampoline only because the surface has got a tear is irrational.

8. The color of the Padding that Lasts: Kids’ trampolines can be kept indoors. The same applies for adults as long as you have a huge mansion the roof of which is as tall as the sky. Nevertheless, most of the trampolines are kept outdoors for the ease of use and the freshness that one gets outside. If the color of the padding of the trampoline is not a UV protected one, it will soon fade and will lose the charm.

9. Safety First: Yes, trampolines for kids and adults add fun to your life. Fun without safety can be a loophole that most of us ignore.

10. Warranty: After checking the trampoline available by different manufacturers, look for the warranty factor too. Higher the warranty, longer the durability.

Kids and adults love trampoline as a fitness therapy and more happiness in the house. One thing that should be considered above all is the price. For products like a trampoline, never settle for one that is cheap. An expensive one will ensure better safety and durability. One time investment is always better than frequent investments.

When we talk of a treadmill, I can associate with it better as I have been putting on weight. It has gotten too prominent as holiday fat. What could be done? I want to look slimmer and toned once again. I don’t want to suppress my breath for the sake of showing that I have a flat tummy. Secretly, jealousy is overpowering my calm and making me act weird. Now that I have to be back to work, sparing much time is out of the question. Seeing my obsession and frustration growing every day, my husband decided to gift a treadmill. The best part was that treadmill exercises were Greek to me. I looked for help online and from a few friends who are regular with treadmill workout. 

Collaborating my research and knowledge on using the treadmill for the first time, I have managed to cut some fat off my not too toned body. Once again, I am back to shape and happily flaunting my toned tummy. Mine was a treadmill for home. You can choose any motorized treadmill for home and get the legs running.

Here’s what Beginners Can Do To Use a Treadmill


Consult with the doctor:

First of all, it is very important that you meet your family doctor. This is to check if you have any sprain or pain in the joints of legs. Using a treadmill requires you to be fit and healthy at the feet.

Running shoes:

If you already have your favorite pair of shoes, it will do the job. If you are new to the world of exercise, then good quality running shoes is an essential buy. Don’t compromise on the quality of the shoes. You don’t want to feel tired soon.

Stay hydrated:

Treadmill workout indicates a continuous 20 to 30 minutes workout. You may be dehydrated in the course. So drink fluid before you start it. Being hydrated keeps you more energetic and ensures an effective result.

Warm Up:

Starting with a warm up before any exercise regime is important. It is no different when you start on the treadmill. Spare 5 to 7 minutes for stretching and doing simples warm up. This will keep your body in balance.

Substitute it for running:

When you run outside, you don’t keep your hands stiff. So why with the treadmill? Use your hands as though you are running on a track. This will burn your calories.

Settings of the treadmill:

Be sure to know the use of the settings. Don’t manually set it to a higher limit which may not be your capacity in the beginning. Go slow as slow and steady wins the race.

Safety Measures:

Initially, one does have chances of falling off the treadmill. The safety clips should help you in maintaining the balance and not getting injured if you go off track.

These are the important points to keep in mind when working out on a treadmill. You must be motivated to start it right away. Don’t be rigid with the speed though as you need to increase the resistance after a week. This way, you will be able to get the desired result.

The most important question is “Have you bought a treadmill yet?” If not, Cosco India should be your choice. It is known for the top brand of  best treadmill in India.

Want to lose weight faster and effectively at home? Get a treadmill that can help you achieve your goal in a short span of time. Buying a treadmill needs an extensive study of the best treadmill brands, treadmill price in India, space at home, utility, and much more that comes under your radar. It is a decision that demands time and efforts in settling for the one that suits your need and pocket. So, consider the following points before getting the best one.

Treadmill Buying Guide

When you own a property, do you buy it at once? You won’t because it is a lifetime investment. Treadmill, although is not even an inch closer to a home, neglecting certain points can get you jeopardized when after owning one, you see no result in the long run. All your hard work goes in vain. Here you read the vital factors before buying your treadmill.

Availability of the options:

Online hunting is the best when it comes to looking for products that you are willing to spend on. You can have a list of the best- motorized treadmill for home. Make your checklist of the ones that you liked.

The Use:

The choice of the treadmill may differ depending on where it will be used. For use at home, consider the space lying vacant where you have decided to bring your new best friend home. As this will be the ultimate companion in your daily exercise regime, getting it from the best exercise equipment retailer will be a sensible decision. Cosco, by far is one of the best in the zone of equipment pertaining to workout. You can bank on it.

Legs on Experience:

Test run on the selected treadmills for home use will be fruitful. You will know the machine from your experience and not through your eyes or ears. That is quite essential to be put on the bucket list of inspection.

Modern technology:

Of all the important features that the treadmills will have in place, you need to know what your priority is. Features apart from customized workout, user ID workout and interval programs can be ignored.


Although listed at the bottom, it is one of the most vital factors that you must consider. The more you spend the better version you have in the market for your pick. You can check for the motorized treadmill price and select one within your budget with the above-mentioned points in mind.

There may be more such points that you may feel are important. Don’t avoid them. You will know your needs more than anyone else would.

The Treadmill is the exercise equipment that is rated as top in helping one lose weight in less time yet effectively. Spending a little more to get the result that can be a motivation for others in the house and the society too can be a decision that will never go wrong.

Who doesn’t want perfect abs and toned leg muscles? Do a good homework for buying the treadmill that truly helps

Congratulations! So, you've taken the first step to a healthy life. You have decided to include physical activity as a part of your daily routine. The next step is to find the right sports and fitness equipment for you. However, that's easier said than done. With a dizzying array of choices that range from simple to complex, zeroing in on the one equipment that hits the sweet spot for you is difficult. With the right guidance, you can get it done.

You can use this guide to find the right equipment that will help you to achieve your fitness goals. Read on to find how.

Understand your Preferences

The most important step before you purchase any sports equipment in India is to analyse and chart out your preferences. Do you prefer a solo activity or a team event? Mild or Hard Core? What is your ultimate goal? A Healthy lifestyle, weight loss or tone your body?  

If you pick any activity that you’re not interested in, then you’re likely to end up abandoning it soon. Decide on the activity first and choose the right equipment for it.

Consult your Physician

This is crucial if you have been inactive for quite a while or suffer from any ailments. Seek the advice of your doctor and undergo a thorough check-up before starting any new physical activity. Once you get the go-ahead from your doctor, you can get started.

Get the Right Accessories

The right accessories are essential to ensure that you don’t injure yourself during the activity. Get the right sports accessories in India, from reputed fitness equipments and sports products manufacturers in India. Don’t compromise on quality. The best accessories and equipment are your safety net and will make sure that you don’t incur any bodily harm.

Understand the Different Types of Fitness Equipments

There are two major types of fitness equipments: Aerobic (Cardio) and Strength Training (Weights).

Aerobic Exercises can be done on the following types of equipments:

  • Elliptical Trainers
  • Exercise Bikes
  • Treadmills – Motorised or Manual
  • Rowers
  • Steppers

Strength Training can be achieved with the help of these equipments

  • Home Gyms
  • Workout Benches, Weights, Dumbbells
  • Squat Racks
  • Callisthenics Equipment

So, choose the right sports and fitness equipment that appeals to you and get moving!

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to get serious about getting the perfect beach body. Does the thought of a crowded, sweaty gym with an expensive membership make you shudder with fright? How about getting back into shape from the comfort of your home with the help of a home gym? Yes, you read that right, no need of expensive personal trainers and gym workouts, when you have the best home gym equipment right at home. Here is a list of the best exercises that you can do on a home gym to get back in shape.

Show some Love to your Lower Body


The ab workouts vary depending on the type of home gym you own. Some machines have in-built benches that help in doing an incline bench press at various angles, while others have cable bars that add resistance to your ab workouts. You can also lie on a stability ball and use the cable handles to do crunches and oblique curls.

A Sleek, Toned Shoulder & Back


The Chest press is the best exercise to engage your pectoral muscles in your chest. The incline position on the adjustable bench of your home gym tones your upper chest while the decline position targets the lower chest.

Don’t Forget to Add in Some Cardio or Aerobic Exercises


Some home gyms come with a trampoline board or step climbers to facilitate cardio exercises. No aerobic equipment on your home gym? No worries just get a jump rope and skip between each resistance training exercise. These simple exercises are a great way to cut down on flab and sport a great physique. The best part? You can do all this without stepping out of your home! You can get this equipment from Cosco and then get set to flaunt your toned body.    

The summers are nearly here and every year you promise yourself that you will get the perfect beach body and not shy away from wearing all those clothes you want to wear and every year you drop the ball. But not this year! A successful workout program requires dedication and a definite end goal. This year we are going to tell you how to get ready for the summers and by the time you’re done you’ll be more than confident in your own skin.

  • Eat a majority of your calories before 3 p.m.

Studies have found that people who eat a heavier breakfast and lunch are more likely to lose weight than those whose biggest meal is at dinner time even if both these people consume the total same number of calories.


  • Do not forget to stretch before every work out.

As we age, our body loses its elasticity therefore it is very important to do a good stretch before and after your workout. Stretch out those muscles that you tend to use the most and hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds. 


  • Start your day off with some Yoga to empower your body and soul.

Cosco makes these amazing Yoga mats that are perfect for a morning workout. You can also add Yoga moves to your morning routine such as blow drying your hair upside down to stretch your hamstrings and add some shoulder openers while shampooing your hair! This will also make your dull morning routine immensely more interesting.


  • Go all out when you’re working out.

Go gadget free and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Push your body to its limits when you’re working out and get more done in a shorter span of time. Do bigger arm and leg movements to burn a lot more calories with the same workout.


  • Don’t ruin all the hard work you’ve put in the day by consuming high calorie alcoholic beverages in the night.

Choose your poison carefully and drink within limits. Don’t spend 2 hours a day working out and down high calorie beers in the night! Substitute sugary mixtures for water or soda and see the difference it makes.


  • Target all your major muscles during your work-out.

Moves like squats and lunges target your bigger muscles which means more calories burnt. Target your bigger muscles and take smaller breaks during interval training. Add a few more reps to your regular routine such that you push your body to its absolute limit. 


  • Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

You’ve heard this over and over and haven’t paid heed to it but it’s time you do. You will be surprised at the difference it makes when you consumer enough water. Drink water half an hour before your meal such that you consumer lesser food and in turn lesser calories. 


  • Get the proper amount of sleep.

Not getting sleep makes you crankier and in turn makes you crave for food with higher carb content. Your body needs to heal and repair itself after a strenuous workout which is why you need to sleep early. Sleeping early will also help you cut down on late night binge eating which is the absolute worse!


The formula for weight loss is simple – burn more calories than you consume. Just because you’re doing an intense cardio workout everyday doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to lose weight. In fact, the reason you’re not losing weight in spite of hitting the gym every day is because your routine is lacking variety. In order to make full of the hours you spend at the gym you have to ensure you don’t make these weight loss mistakes that most people do.

  • Not eating anything before an intense cardio workout.

Most people think that doing cardio on an empty stomach is good for you but that is a myth. In order to do an intense cardio workout, you need energy; for which you need to consume food. If you do not eat before a cardio session, your body will be unable to muster up the energy needed for the workout. 


  • Doing too much time at the same intensity on the treadmill or elliptical.

We are all creatures of habit and hence tend to do the same form of exercises every time we hit the gym. Doing the same workout for an extended period of time, every day will make the workout less effective. Cosco has really good gym equipment such as aerobic steps and trampolines for your workout needs; which you can use to mix up exercises such that you burn more calories in the same span of time.


  • Not pushing your body to the maximum.

Just walking on the treadmill for an hour really won’t help you burn off too many calories. In order to lose weight, you have to push your body to its limit and do high intensity workouts that increase your heart rate. 


  • Wearing the wrong kind of shoes to the gym.

Wearing the right shoes is important because if you’re uncomfortable in your shoes, you won’t be able to push yourself. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes also increases the risk of you injuring yourself.


  • Eating ‘low fat’ or diet foods.

Many ‘low fat’ and diet foods are loaded with sugar and will have the opposite of the desired effect. Instead you should control your diet and give yourself cheat days when you allow yourself to eat desserts or high calorie meals that you want. ‘Low fat’ foods substituted for regular foods isn’t really the best choice for losing weight.




  • Taking too many supplements and consuming excessive amounts of protein.

Protein is good for you and you need to consume enough of it when you’re working out but what most people don’t know is that when you consume protein is excess, it gets stored as fat in your body. So it’s best to avoid those protein shakes and bars if you don’t really have a diet chart and understand exactly what you’re consuming.


  • Not drinking enough water during and after your workout.

If you think that you’re putting on water weight by drinking excessive water, you’re wrong. If you do not consume enough water during your workouts, your body will become dehydrated and its efficiency will reduce. Drink water when you’re thirsty – it’s that simple. 


  • Not being focused on your workout.

There are people who spend more time taking selfies at the gym than actually working out and wonder why they’re not losing any weight. When you enter the gym, put your phone on the side and concentrate on your workout instead of messaging people and checking your emails. Do not interrupt your workout just because you heard your phone buzzing!


Don’t you hit the gym? You are outdated. This is what you get in return when you don’t have expensive equipment to tone up your muscles. Hitting the gym is an extra cost and time-consuming. How about doing workout at home in order to get toned muscles? Unbelievable, isn’t it? It has been however proved that work out without any equipment that is used in the gym makes use of all the body parts resulting in muscles that are not toned with external help but one’s body strength and motivation that we tend to ignore.

Let us know that wonder work out plan to tone up your muscles without hitting the gym

  • Plan a schedule: Either you fail to plan or plan to fail. So the best option is to plan your coming days in advance so that nothing stops you from getting the toned muscles. Prepare a checklist of things you might need, maybe a dumbbell, skipping string, mat, your athletic shoes and workout clothes. No matter what, adhere to what you have planned for. Procrastination is the worst enemy.


  • Running: An early morning routine to run for at least 20 minutes initially can be a great start. This helps in increasing your heart rate for a better blood flow in the body. It is the best cardio recommended for any workout.
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  • Squat and Star Jump: Squatting is a great exercise to strengthen your hip muscles and arms. Holding dumbbells in hand while squat session can add to the more intense workout. Star jump can be followed after a squat session of 15 minutes. Star jump is enjoyed by many. It is also one of the simplest ways of working out. Just stretch your legs sideways and lifting your hands up in the air clap while you stretch the legs. Isn’t that easy?
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  • Zumba: Music lovers can never stop doing this once they start with it. Plug in your favorite music and then dance to the tune. While you dance, add a few aerobics steps. You will love it and in a few days can see the difference. Without realizing that you are exercising, you are toning up your muscles.



  • Old School Dip: For this, you need to kneel on your knees with upper body straight. Let your palms face the thighs. Now bend forward with hands stretching backward. Stretch to the point you can. Don’t exert. In 30 seconds, get back to the original position of kneeling on the knees.


  • Eat healthy: While you are working out following the routine, be sure to maintain a healthy diet too. No workout is complete without a proper meal. Have meals in small intervals with more fruits and vegetables. You should have multigrain food and cut on your fat‘s intake.


  • Stay motivated: Have you been successful in activities that you have no motivation for? It is true with exercise too. Initially, you will be active and regular with the workout. As soon as the result starts showing up, one may have the tendency to give up and be content. Don’t do that mistake as it will get you back to square one. Consistency should be maintained in any circumstance.


  • Toned up muscles are everyone’s dream and only a few with the determination can achieve them. Let the world be wondering your secret to an amazing body and be the talk of the neighborhood.

It takes hard work and immense diligence in maintaining fitness. There is no short cut to success and this stands right for those who want to stay in shape throughout. With firm determination in following the path made, one can live up to the expectations of winning the challenge of being in shape.

7 Things Really Fit People do to stay in Shape

No room for Compromise: Fit people are those who don’t come any closer to the word “compromise”. They believe in leading the route with no distraction. Their unusual yet result oriented regime is so zealous that nothing gets on their way.


  • Sound sleep: People who are fit and intend to remain so always get a sound sleep for the next day to look better. A good sleep awakens the mind and body after all the hard work and wince of the day. They always look forward to the future and plan it ahead for no scope of a loophole.


  • Good Food: The stomach is the machine that regulates the productivity in us. If the machine is not fed with good fuel and food, one will lack the resistance to the intensive workout. Good food is the input for the output of good body.


  • Workout: Fit people have a strict framework to their workout either at home or the gym. Their constant endurance to stop the clock of age adds to their optimism. No matter where they are, they will not miss on their session. They are high on dedication. Indoor workouts like push-ups, squats, crunches, and planks are good to start with.


  • Anti-Stress Philosophy: Stress is the mother of all diseases that eventually pulls down one’s health and fitness. Fit people never take the stress. They kill the stress with their attitude which is always optimistic. They find a solution for a problem and not a problem for a problem. In short, they have won over life.


  • Yoga: Ask a fit person, the secret to the toned body that works as a veil on their age, the answer will be Yoga. They have mastered the art of yoga and begin their days with Yoga. Be it phillate bands or yoga mats, get your pick and start if you have been inspired to be fit as ever.


  • Must have Exercise Equipment: Equipment plays a vital role in giving the shape one wants. Indoor exercises help more when you have the right equipment. You can trust Cosco, India for the supply of premium machines.


By now, you should have geared up for an extreme plan that never knows when to stop. Staying fit will boost up your confidence and self-esteem that are the keys to be successful individuals too.


Bathing is directly proportional to the health of mind. A person tends to feel lethargic and worked up if the shower is missed. Apart from the hygiene factor, shower can help reap benefits if certain things are done just before you bathe. Let us know the 7 simple things if done before our shower can assist in leading a healthier lifestyle.

Health is not just confined to your body; it is also related to skin and hair. So simple tasks can get you the desired result, when, done just before your shower time. Do you crave for beauty that is healthier and beneficial?

Scrub the body: Body scrubbing is not recommended to be done on a regular basis. It can be harmful for the skin. Getting a good body scrub and then rubbing it all over the body before you are washing off the dirt from the body can result in an evenly glowing skin. If you can’t scrub the whole body by yourself, you can take help of someone you are close to.

Yoga: Yoga asanas which are not too complicated and doesn’t require lying down can be continued before the shower for those who find not time otherwise.

Gear up for the day: Planning the day before going to the shower or sitting in the shower thinking of the ways of achieving the day’s goal is advisable for a healthy mind and perfect start of the day. It is always good to plan than to fail.

All these simple yet helpful tips can give a tremendous result with not just enhancing the balance of body and beauty but also the mind.

It is an urge for everyone to lead a life that is healthy and when this, not too easily achievable goal, seems achievable with this simple regime, anyone would love to follow the secret to healthy living religiously.

I am up for it. Are you?

Working ladies, this is for you as making time for exercise outside the home can be a challenge. As it is said, “When there is a will, there is a way”, exercises can be carried out at home too if your tight schedule doesn’t allow you. Be happy and ready to look awesome as always in the next few months.

Other than the time factor, affordability of equipment can be a dominant reason for not taking to exercise. Only equipment helps in losing weight is a myth. Doing basic exercises like push-ups, squats, yoga and much more are doable that need no money or more time.

7 easy fitness exercises you can do at home to lose weight

1. Yoga: The most basic way of losing weight is following Yoga. It is highly beneficial and appreciated by people of all age group. The absence of side-effects is another positive aspect to practicing yoga.

2. Squats: One of the easiest ways of getting in shape without investing money is squats. Without high demand of equipment and time investment, one can easily perform squats sitting at home and gain the desired result in terms of weight management.

3. Push-Ups: We all are acquainted with this term as it is frequently used by people across the globe. If there is something that gives impact instantly and makes your body and muscles extremely strong, then it has to be push-ups.

4. Walking Lunges: While we work on the whole body transitioning, walking lunges work effectively on the hips and thigh area. It can be more effective if you carry dumb-bells in your hand while you are walking lunges.

5. Leg Balance: Most of us have done this as a part of punishment in school. Single leg stand was our teachers’ favorite punishment on us and now it sounds like a blessing. Standing on one leg balancing the curved posture of the body can be massively impactful.

6. Side Plank: Planks and push-ups are common exercises done for an intensive workout. Side plank is one type of plank that improves stamina and strength putting all the pressure on one side of the body while you are resisting with one part of the body.

7. Superman Back Extension: Lying on the stomach, you can lift the upper and the lower body to feel the pressure that eventually helps in weight loss goal of yours.

Dedicating only 15-20 minutes, one can lose weight and maintain the need of the hour that is to stay fit and healthy. I wish the phrase “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” was true. Alas! If only sleeping and waking early could make one fit, we wouldn’t have to take any pain to maintain the body weight and look young forever.

A fit body is the powerhouse of extreme energy which is required for sustaining the daily activities. If you have been struggling to manage time, the above tips could teach you some time management too.

The 90’s was a great time to be born in. It was before the advent of the internet so our childhood wasn’t spent staring at a computer screen but actually going outside and playing with our friends. Every game had a new set of rules every-day and the bickering fights that ensued were more fun than one can imagine. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and I’m sure you’ll feel the nostalgia of our child-hood when you recall playing these games.

Gilli Danda our very own version of cricket.

This game is played with a large wooden stick known as the danda which is used to hit another stick reduced on both sides known as the gilli. The aim of the game is to hit the gilli with the danda as far as possible.


Kho Kho

Kho kho is definitely one of everyone’s childhood favourites and although this game needs no introduction because of its sheer popularity let me elaborate a little. It involves two teams which are required to chase each other down and try to get the opposite team ‘out’ by tagging their own team players.



Kabaddi also widely known as the national game of India is incredible amounts of fun. The game might not be all that popular but is regaining momentum. There are two teams consisting of seven players, each of which have their own designated areas. The aim of the game is to go into the other teams area and get them ‘out’ all while repeating the word kabaddi without losing your breath.



This is the simplest game ever and the best way to kill boredom. One simply throws a ball to their opponent who’s only job is to catch it. Even then we all know that one person who had butter fingers and almost always dropped the catch!


Chuppa Chuppi or Hide and Seek

Luckily this is one of the games that hasn’t lost its charm in the years. I don’t even think this game really needs explaining! It’s of the best games I’ve ever played. Running around as kids, making sure you don’t get caught are the fond memories I remember every time I think of playing chuppa chuppi.


Chor-sipahi or chor-police

I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t played this game and I’m sure you have too. There are two people, one is the chor and the other sipahi. The sipahi has to catch the chor is order to win the game after which the titles are exchanges and the chor becomes the sipahi and vice-versa.


Gully Cricket

We Desis love our cricket so naturally we’ve invented our very own form of cricket where ‘one tup’ is ‘out’ and the stumps are merely pieces of sticks or rocks we found lying around the street. And of course if the ball left the make shift ground you out!


Those were the days that we thought would never end. The days of being young and naïve and not having a care in the world. However, as we grew up we somehow forgot how much fun we used to have back then. Now-a-days kids just seem hooked on to their gadgets but they really don’t know what they’re missing out on. The joy of going outside and playing random games with your friends is something else altogether. Here are our favourite games from our childhood that we bet you totally forgot about!

Chain or as we call it Saakli.

This game consists of a ‘denner’ who has to catch all the other players. Once he catches another player, the said player also becomes the denner and hold hands with the original denner in an attempt to catch the rest of the players.


We obviously love our ‘pakdam-pakdi’ but when the traditional game got boring and monotonous we invented our own variation, one which involved hoping around on one leg looking like a chicken!


Hopscotch better known as Stapoo

This game involves drawing a pattern of boxes of the floor after which you throw a small object into one of the numbered boxes. The player who throws the object then has to jump through the boxes to go retrieve the object.



Pittoo or seven stones was widely popular through-out South Asia. It consisted of a stack of seven stones and the aim of the two opposing teams was to break the stack and build it up again before getting hit by a member of the opposing teams.


Oranges and Lemons or Poshampa

Two kids stood together making a makeshift bridge and sang a song. Whoever was under the bridge when the song ended and the hands came down would be trapped and was considered out.

This is to jog your memory.

Oranges and lemons, sold for a penny,

All the school girls are so many!

The grass is green and the rose is red,

Remember me when I am dead-dead-dead-dead-dead!


Vish-Amrit a.k.a Lock and Key

There’s a denner who has to go catch the other players. As soon as the denner catches a player he is infected with ‘vish’ or poison and cannot move until one of the other players on his team touches him and gives him ‘amrut’.


Four Corners

Each of the four corners of a room is given a name and the aim of the game is to choose one of the corners of the room and not get caught. The denner will pick the corner when the music stops and all the people standing in that corner will be considered ‘out’.


Lattoo is a wooden top which has grooves in its lower half and a nail at the bottom, on which it spins. Don’t you remember having lattoo competitions as a child? The child who’s lattoo spun the longest won!


We have almost forgotten that the right way of living is having a clean bill of health. Of course, the competition among the same race to look good has instigated hunger to let the fat cry by way of some work out sessions. Some people see the result and some don’t. The reason is the fitness accessories being used by the commercial gyms or at home. To be in good shape, only work out doesn’t suffice. One needs to have excellent equipment with the best fitness equipment suppliers in India. Cosco India is a name that has been delivering quality gym and sports equipment to the country.

It has been observed that even health conscious people put a halt to their sessions of work out as they fail to see the result around. They start to build a firm notion that working out and shredding weight to stay fit is a myth. Well actually, that is partially true. For a person to be in good shape defying age factor too has to have the best fitness equipment at work. Let us highlight the reasons for this need.

Durability and comfortability: Well, when we work out, what make us do it more with no second thought? It is the feeling of comfort no matter how long you work on that. It is imperative that a person who is spending on buying accessories pertaining to gym and sports spend it wisely to ensure only the apt one that is a perfect blend of comfortability and durable.

Reviews: In the long run, if the mission is to be full of beans with the right fitness accessories, then do a rain check of the reviews. That will make it vivid and clear about which one could be the best one for you.

The phrase “excellence is not one time achievement, it’s a habit” stands perfect for the brand.


I hate getting out of the four walls of my cozy house during winter. The chilly climate can take a toll on even the most active person around. This is the usual tale of every individual who loves to hibernate more than exploring the outside world. What adds more to the agony of a person who doesn’t want to skip the daily workout routine is the New Year knocking at the door. New Year Resolution is something people make to only break during this adverse climatic condition in North India. Sports and Fitness equipment in the Gymnasiums relax while others are lazily relaxing at their shelters.

How does one come out of this perplexing situation where one has to choose between coziness and staying fit with no compromise? Well, to trigger in the mind of each of the fitness lovers, developing the habit of practicing Yoga can be an extremely feasible option to look for.

Benefits of Yoga that one can reap without going for a workout

This science of staying fit and healthy is preferred by many for it demands no fitness equipment. It is undoubtedly the most effective and result oriented practice. If we have to compare the health meter of our grandparents or parents with that of ours, we will definitely have to face embarrassment. They are way fitter than us. Did they go to the gym? No, the word was Greek to them. With the growing trend of exercising using the fitness equipment in India, Yoga has lost its charm. Why not let History repeat itself this winter? Yoga has the following advantages-

It needs no major equipment to be practiced

It can be done with peace at home

One gets more flexible with Yoga. Family and friends can be involved in your sessions

It is cost effective too

With so many merits of Yoga, how can one not make the most of it while staying away from the Gym?

Indoor Gym Equipment can go a long way

For Gym committed person, nothing can come in his or her way of the workout. He takes the extra leap to get the same work done without having to go out. Wondering how? Let me cite an example of my brother. He works tirelessly at the gym but winter and the extreme cold of Delhi obstructed him. Did that stop him? Absolutely not! He researched and found out about the indoor gym and sports equipment suppliers in India. He had a list of them and finally chose Cosco.

Now that he has indoor equipment, he has been continuing with his routine without a halt. When there is a will, there is a way for sure. By this, I want to emphasize that to fight this battle of cold this winter, one can take the resort of indoor equipment that adds to your comfort and defines class too.

This winter, don’t be defeated but emerge as a winner that knows no bound!

Stay War, Stay Fit and Stay Fabulous!

Eat, Play and Repeat is the new mantra that every child should get acquainted to. Without healthy food, a child can’t get enough nutrition and without play a child might miss on physical development. We have always heard that playing makes one strong physically. We miss out on the fact that it helps a mind grow stable with age. Have you ever compared a child who plays games and a child who doesn’t? You will get the answer.

A sportsperson is a healthy man who not only eats healthy but thinks healthy too. When I was young, I remember those days when my child got sluggish with daily activities and it was time I had to make a firm decision. I know what I was planning of might be difficult to actualize in the initial days but once it got into the veins of my child, he would get rid of all the inactiveness. I wanted him to play, run around and remain active like he was in his days of taking leaps and bounds.

The idea was to get him trained on badminton so that it could boost him up. I love this sport for various reasons. I played it in when I myself was a child and my husband too loves it. It is a game that keeps a person active every second. After five years of the implementation of this plan, today I am proud to see my son play in inter state championship. He has grown to be a better player than many good sportspersons. Playing sports which he hated some time back has now grown on him. Something stereo type but classic incident I would like to share is that like any other he likes playing with Cosco shuttle cock. I know it is hilarious but that’s how our mind has been systemized, isn’t it? More than being systemized, I think it is the trust and reliability that Cosco has developed in us.

I don’t think I am the only person who would agree. Ask superstar sportsperson would second my thought. A badminton player or be it a basketball player, every player wants equipment needed for the game from the brand Cosco. It is years of accomplishment it has bagged for itself. In our times, we only knew of a few products manufactured by this but now look at the myriad of product line it has to offer. Right from sports accessories, to fitness equipment or may be any sports equipment, you just name it, it is right there.

The contribution towards building healthy country is commendable. I am thankful to them for contributing towards the development of my son’s mental and physical ability. I also see a mature person in my 15 years old boy.

It is a shout out to all the parents to inculcate the habit of playing any of the sports to see a good change in your children. Their potential will be exposed in a beautiful manner. 

Here are some of the things from the 90’s that will take you back down memory lane and make you feel like the 90’s took place just yesterday instead of nearly one and a half decade ago! Yes, it has actually been that long.

The next graduating class form school will be people born in 2001! Are you really that old? Has it really been that long?

Take a look at our list to feel the nostalgia and make you feel like a kid again.

When you actually had to take the film to the photo studio to get it developed instead of the digital cameras we have today.

You didn’t know how the pictures had come out until you actually went to the nearest photo studio and got them developed. And the anticipation of waiting for your photographs to come back was one of the best feelings ever.


Listening to music on an actual cassette player and then a cd player that never ran out of battery

You came from the generation where not every device had to be plugged in every 12 hrs to ensure that it continued to function smoothly.


The Amul advertisement ‘Doodh-doodh-doodh’ (I know you’re singing the tune along).

This was one of the most unforgettable iconic ads of our time. It actually made you want to drink down the creamy buttery Amul milk.

Going to the cyber café to surf the internet because you didn’t have a computer at home.

There was a time before PC’s and smartphones became a thing. It was the time of the reign of the cyber cafes. I remember actually saving money so I could spend a couple of hours at café browsing the internet while it lagged terrible!


The epicness of the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, which we cannot get enough of till today.

Rahul, Anjali and their Cosco basketball definitely made the movie unforgettable. The movie continues to showcase on T.V. till today and make our Sunday’s completely entertainment filled.



Let’s not forget our favourite shows on T.V. back then like Hip Hip Hurray and Remix.

We all aspired to have lives like the cool kids in Hip Hip Hurray and Remix. These shows were our version of FRIENDS and other iconic English T.V. shows. If you were born in the 90’s in India, there’s no way you haven’t heard of these or dedicatedly watched them at some point in your life.


Begging your parents to take you to the videogame parlour for a game of bowling.

The only form of entertainment before the advent of the internet and before hours of browsing material took away our lives was either going out to play with your friends or going to the video game parlour when you were lucky enough to convince your parents to let you go.


Sitting next to your landline and frantically trying to be the first caller to request songs on ITV.

Don’t you remember the blue and white ITV screen and requesting music from Band Blue over and over again. Ah, those were the days.


Collecting Pokemon cards and Tazos that were all the rage back then.

You would buy and eat Cheetos all the time just so you could boast of an incredible Tazo collection and every penny you saved went towards buying a new deck of Pokemon cards because you had to ‘catch em all!’.


Buying your school shoes from Bata because it was all a part of your mandated dress code.

Your school dress code involved wearing either the white shoes or the black shoes from Bata and god forbid if your white shoes weren’t polished, you would rub chalk all over them so didn’t get pulled out by the prefects!


Today’s kids will never know the pleasures of running down to meet your friends after school and playing made-up games in your building compound or our favourite make-shift playground – the streets! I’m obviously not suggesting children should go out and play in crowded streets with heavy traffic but I do remember playing in the neighbourhood ‘gallis’ and how it was one of the best times of my life.

Pakdam-pakdi or Catch and Cook.

This game obviously needs no explanation. All the ‘denner’ has to do is run as fast as he/she can and catch one person who then becomes the ‘denner’ and the game just continues indefinitely. This was a chance to just run around the neighbourhood, truly carefree and happy!




Donkey in the middle

I always pitied the poor fool who lost the vote and landed up becoming the ‘donkey in the middle’ of two or more players who would toss a ball at each other while the ‘donkey’ ran from one end to another trying to catch the ball or trying to touch one of them while they still had the ball in their hands.





This game took pakdam-pakdi to the next level where the ‘denner’ was blindfolded and the same rules applied. But the poor ‘denner’ almost always landed up getting beaten up and teased by the other kids and never did manage to catch anyone. The game would inevitably end when the ‘denner’ would get frustrated, take of his blind fold and stomp home!





Looking at everyone attempting the mannequin challenge these days reminded me of this childhood game called ‘Statue’. The rules were simple, everyone had to freeze when the ‘denner’ said statue and not move until he said release. But if I remember correctly, no one ever said release so there was no way of winning this game!




Marbles or Kanche

Kanche didn’t require much space to play so you could practically play this game anywhere at any time. The aim of the game was to try and win all your opponent’s marbles. Do you remember fighting over the best marbles everyone had and staring at the intricate patterns inside wishing you could have them all?




Dog and the bone

All the players were divided in to two teams and would stand on opposing ends from each other. Each player in the team was assigned a number and as soon as your number was called out, you had to run to the centre between the two teams, where a hanky lay and try and grab it before your opponent could.




Land and Water or The floor is Lava (Basically make up your own rules.)

All the players had to make sure they were on land or the ‘denner’ could catch them. The basic aim of the game was to taunt the ‘denner’ running from one part of the land to another across water where the ‘denner’ could catch you.



What fun these games used to be when we were younger. If only we could go back in time and relive those moments again!

If you ask me what’s wrong with today’s generation, the answer is simple, their cartoons suck! I watched cartoons well in to my teenage years and would be still watching them if they hadn’t become so goddamn crappy!

Tom and Jerry

Even though the entire series was just episodes of Tom trying to catch Jerry is every fathomable way and Jerry always besting him, I must say, it was one of the most entertaining cartoon I have ever watched.


Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter was the genius kid we all hoped to be. If only we could dream up inventions like he did, imagine the power we would wield on this planet! And of course, we would be smart enough to find a way to keep our annoying siblings out of our secret lab!


The Flintstones (meet the Flintstones, they’re the modern stone-age family!)

I know you sang the tune in your head. The Flintstones theme song is one of the most memorable theme songs from the cartoons of our childhood days. The Flintstones was one of the most successful T.V. cartoons for almost 3 decades until the Simpsons came along.


The Jetsons

The Jetsons even back then defined the future we all only dream of. Three-day work weeks, flying around in our personal jet planes and never having to walk again! Imagine the amount of leisure time we would all have if only the Jetsons utopian world became a reality.


Scooby (doobie) Do

Scooby Do was hilarious and made us wonder what Scooby and Shaggy were really on considering they always thought that there were ghosts around when actually there were none. However, all that ends well is well because Scooby and Shaggy always managed to catch the miscreant right in time!


Power Puff Girls (Fighting crime trying to save the world, just in time, Power Puff Girls, POWER PUFF!)

As kids, my friends and I would always debate about which Power Puff girl we each resembled the most and everyone always wanted to be Blossom! The show might have been girly but I know of quite a few boys who watched it secretly as well.


Richie Rich

Didn’t we all wish we were as rich as Richie Rich! The rich boy always got his way even though everyone was always trying to sabotage him and steal all his wealth. Alas! Such is life.


Captain Planet

Captain Planet managed to teach children about conservation of our environment and being responsible for our actions in the most fun way possible. I think this cartoon really needs to make a comeback because preserving our planet is the need of the hour.


Swat Kats

Swat Kats was one of the coolest shows and had everything that children could possible want to see in a cartoon from cool cars, high-tech gadgets to bare knuckled fist-fights! Do you remember what the two cats were called? T-bone and Razor a.k.a as Bade Miyan and Chote Miyan in hindi!



If there was any cartoon that could get us to eat our greens, it was Popeye. The immense strength he gained every time he ate spinach made us feel like we could become that strong too!


The cartoons is our days were actually entertaining and provided a lesson to learn unlike the trash they’re showing on T.V. these days.


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Kids today have no idea what they’re even missing out on. All they do is stare at their computer screens all day instead of actually going out, meeting people and doing things! I for one am glad my childhood wasn’t littered with so much technology. The 90’s were an amazing time so let’s relive them a little.

You know what real cartoons are and the thing on T.V.s these days is absolute garbage.

Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Flintstones and the Jetsons to name a few, were some of the most iconic cartoons back then and we could never get bored of watching them for sure.




You know the horrors of what it was like to have dial-up connection.

When you hear kids these days complain about the internet speed, you can all but laugh because they will never know what slow really means!




You were actually a member or video library and a book library.

You couldn’t just download movies back in the day, you actually had to go to the library and rent it out. And don’t you remember always being late in returning in your library stuff and getting yelled at by your parents?




You know what a Tamagotchi is and it was your favourite toy.

The Tamagotchi is the OG videogame. Sure, it might seem like the most boring thing on the planet right now but back then it was a complete rage.




You actually went out-doors and played games with your friends.

You just didn’t sit around and stare at a screen all day. Whether it was simply running around your neighbourhood with all your building friends or playing sports (with all the Cosco equipment you owned), you definitely had a brilliant childhood.




You know what the save button on computers actually means.

You’ve used a floppy disc and knows how it works and kids these days will never know why the save icon is shaped that way.




At one point before Super Mario became all the rage, Space pinball was literally the most exciting game on your computer.

You and all your siblings would take turns playing on the computer (because you had only one) and would spend hours playing this silly computer game.



You thought you were the coolest kid holding a candied phantom cigarette between your lips.

You thought you were really awesome when you got your hand on one of these and loved acting all grown-up and pretending to smoke.

You would spend your entire weekend on MSN chatting with random people.

MSN was your jam and you could spend hours on it doing simply nothing and talking to people you barely know. It’s not like you had anything better do anyway!




You didn’t get your first cell-phone till you were 16 and didn’t need to feel connected to everyone in the world all the time through some piece of technology.

People these days don’t even go to the bathroom without their cell-phones and you might be one of them now but you remember a time before technology became so integrated into our lives that we don’t know what to do without it.

I never knew this would happen in my life. But it happened and I am a popular figure now in my town. New Year resolution was never my cup of tea until one day when I had taken to bed. It was winter last year and exactly on the 1st of January, I hopped in for a picnic with my colonial cousins. It was an adrenaline fun along the river side. The river water was calling me and I couldn’t resist. The result later was a bad cold and body ache. Don’t judge me on that. I do exercise but adieu bye to it during winters. Hence I suffered.

My New Year resolution began on the 2nd of January of 2015 to keep my immunity stronger. I got even conscious because the rest of the people who had done the same activities were all smiling and chirping the usual manner the next day.

Yoga, the game changer

Yoga it was. I made up my mind to teach and practice Yoga that could keep me rejuvenated and helped me impart the most important lesson of physical fitness to the kids. Surprisingly, I have more than forty practitioners now and they can’t do without a single day of Yoga.

The beginning wasn’t a smooth sail. I was the only soul doing it religiously. When kids of my neighboring area got to know about it, attracted many kids and young minds as we know love to take part in something they don’t know much about. That was the stepping stone for me. Soon a few increased to more and now I don’t have enough yoga mats. It is a sense of achievement for me. This initiative might sound a smaller one but the fruit is worth mentioning. When people call you the Yoga Guru, it puffs you with pride.

A simple Yoga regime can beat your unhealthy routine and inspire others at the same time. To start with I ordered around 10 Yoga Mats from Cosco and those were my lucky charm.

Effects of Yoga in my life

My life has taken its active shape with the help of Yoga. More than staying active with it, inspiring others to be active motivates me. Cherry on the cake is each of the following-

· Life has gotten optimistic and health is three times better than it used to be

· Practically speaking, mind and body feel relaxed, a feeling which I have never experienced before

· Fitness can never be parted ways with be it any season

·Everything around looks colorful and lively

Imagine the kind of turn Yoga has given to my life. I should also thank my only equipment that is Yoga Mat by Cosco India that has helped me accomplish this task. I cannot ignore Yoga bricks that have added a twist to the whole Yoga Asanas.

It is said that lazy people are the most creative people. I guess that is true because had there been no lazy people around, we would not have come across the simple machines that make life simpler. Such people can get things their way or the highway. But when it comes to Fitness, it is a conundrum that these creative people can’t do much about. This chilling winter adds on to the pain in the neck. It is no less than an uphill task and I truly second the feeling. Hey, wait! Don’t get disheartened.

I hate winters but I love to stay fit. In order to keep myself in shape and not to lose on my health factor, I have stumbled upon certain workouts that are fun as well as powerful. They have worked great for me. Hope they do the same for you. Let me share the secrets.

5 Classic Workouts with a modern touch

Workouts can be really interesting if done the right way with some innovations. The question that must be on your mind is “Can they be done at home?” Absolutely! So let your wings spread and help you be persistent with your fitness activity even during this cold time of the year.

1. Power Yoga: It is the advanced form of Yoga. As you are already used to hardcore workouts during summers, this should be just another routine for you. Though the name sounds scary, the result and feasibility of carrying it out even in winters is an advantage. You have a room, be it small or big and you have a yoga mat, you are set to start. Beginners can do 15 minutes power yoga watching videos. You can play your favorite music in the background and enjoy your session.

2. Burpee: Like a full breakfast that includes everything nutritious, Burpee acts like one. It is a mix of pullups, pushups, and squats etc. that make you fitter with every workout. You might need a Yoga Set Mudra for this and this can work like a charm, without a doubt. Yoga Set Mudra from Cosco India has great quality with excellent durability. I am using that. Maybe that helps you too.

3. Skipping: We have all done this when we were young and enjoyed doing it. Why not include it in the workout at home? It is a wonderful activity that warms your body up and enhances your stamina too. You don’t have to spend a fortune either for this, just a simple skipping rod and it works like a charm for you.

4. Aerobic: If you love music and don’t want the hectic exercise burden you, a peppy number and aerobics can be an excellent choice.

5. Running: One of the best ways to enhance your cardio regime is running. You will need a treadmill, though. Spending a little on helping you keep your body fit without going to a gym sounds like a plan to you, and then a manual treadmill is the best idea.

Don’t let anything come on your way to shake a leg this winter. Wear your best work out outfit and get rolling.

I love Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock and I would like to quote him here “If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied”.

My laziness has gotten a defeat this winter, so will yours.

Get the best of sports and fitness with Cosco
With the growing demand of good health and fitness, many brands are coming up with innovations each day. You will hardly find someone who over eats and doesn’t want to balance that extra fat and cholesterol with some hard core fitness practice or may be trying hands on their favorite sport. Well both ideas are exceptional in keeping you in the best shape no matter how old you are. Ensuring that you are always young and fit, many sports brand have taken to manufacturing not just sports equipment but fitness equipment too. If you are looking for the best fitness equipment in India, then what tops the list other than Cosco?

Cosco’s span of control

There are two types of people. One stay fit by playing sports and the other type plays sports to stay fit. If you fall under any of these categories, then it is time you try some of the best sports and fitness equipment. You ought to look for quality.

Sports have been growing in the veins of Indians with the need to either be a professional in it or to stay mentally as well physically fit. It is said that sports is the only way out that doesn’t let you feel you are working out and shreds the laziness out of you. Eventually, you will look fit and feel fit. What better way than sports? There is not a sport that has not been giving importance by Cosco. You name any equipment and it is there. You can’t bet on the quality that is promised in the manufacturing of volleyball equipment or roller skating equipment. You will get equipment pertaining to other sports too. Their cycle for exercise is compact and doesn’t occupy greater space of your house. If you are hunting for excellent exercise equipment, India has become a hub.

What more?

Let us not forget, if you try to order Cosco gym cycle from a country you have high regards for, you might dent your pocket. On the contrary, Cosco cycle price in India is quite suitable for any buyer. In earlier days, people used to get imported equipment. However the trend has certainly changed with the inception of Cosco. Now all the fitness freaks and sports enthusiasts willing to buy Exercise equipment, India is definitely the best option. Cosco home gym price, Cosco manual treadmill price and the price of many such needs has been met by Cosco for long. Cosco is the undisputed topper in the section of sports and fitness and not to forget one of the best Football equipment suppliers. Have a look into the individual section to know more about Cosco, the home brand to India.