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Adidas Collaboration With Cosco

Sep 14th, 2018

It is Rare to witness the leading sport manufacturing company Cosco teaming up with the world-leader of Shoes, Clothing, and Accessories Adidas to come together to offer something original and impeccable products.

Now  Adidas original Products will be available on Cosco's website.

Can anything else be cooler than this???

Of course not, because being the renowned sports accessories manufacturer Cosco has already attained the name and recognition in the market, on the other hand, Adidas is the global brand, which needs no introduction.

Such two brands have decided to come together to create a stir in the market is nothing less than a magnificent experience for the consumers.

Now consumers across India can take the hands-on experience of Adidas products through Cosco fitting their specific needs.


It is going to be a massive list of Adidas Products on Cosco, such as Adidas Accessories, Adidas Yoga Mat, Adidas Fitness Equipments to name a few, however, it is considered that this list shall be much more as per the consumer’s demands.

So if you are willing to get into shape and stay fit with the most durable and the known names in the world then land on today and help yourself by getting indulged into some trending and the quality laden products from Adidas, specially placed on Cosco website, to feed the demand of the specific set of users.

What are you waiting for, just log onto the Cosco website and order your chosen sports accessories from Adidas.

To place a query or for any suggestion, reach Cosco team at

And satiate your hunger for sports equipment from the leading sports equipment provider, none other than Cosco.

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